5 Unique CBD Products You’ve Never Heard of Before


Today you are witnessing an ever increasing range of CBD (Cannabidiol) related products appearing as if by magic on the virtual (and in some cases physical) store shelves.

You can buy CBD oil in a wide range of products that vary from pet foods to skin care beauty products. No doubt part of the reason is the lauded abilities of CBD in treating all sorts of problems such as anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, and acne.

The goods news is that CBD does not possess any psychoactive impacts so it will not cause you to get high.

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This chemical compound obtained from cannabis sativa plants most often appears in the form of oil. The compound is useful primarily because it works with your body’s nervous system to influence the immune system, pain receptors, movement, and coordination.

Among the most frequent forms that CBD takes in products are oils, creams, edibles, and vapes.

Yet this is fast changing as a number of manufacturers are finding interesting new products to include CBD in today. Here are five of them that you have probably never heard of before (but will probably want to try after reading this).

1. CBD Water

Water is the most crucial thing for your body, yet nearly 80 percent of individuals wrestle with getting enough of it every day.

The hope from some manufacturers is that this struggle will change when water is paired with CBD. It is likely the most practical, simple, and beneficial way of getting CBD as well.

CBD in water moves much more rapidly through your digestive system than with any other delivery method.

Thanks to nanotechnology, labs are able to shrink CBD compounds down to a million times smaller than in its natural form so that it can infuse the water.

Consider how hard it is to get water and oil to mix together, and you will appreciate the accomplishment that is CBD water.

Some brands selling it include CBD Living Water, Love Hemp’s CBD Water, and Dash Water’s Sparkling Spring Water.

2. CBD Alcoholic Beverages

Today it is even possible to get your daily CBD regimen with your alcoholic beverage. Since the compound can be infused into water, it is easy to infuse it into alcohol.

The market has been fascinated by these alcoholic concoctions containing CBD. You can now purchase CBD beer, gin, and wine to name a few.

Thanks to international brewing giant AB InBev plowing money into CBD research, it will not be long before CBD alcohol makes its way into numerous bars, restaurants, and pubs.

A few of the CBD alcohol offerings today include CBD Easy Times from Hop and Hemp, CBD Craft Gin by Top Beverage, and CannaWine CBD wine.

3. CBD Lubricants

Thanks to its relaxing properties, it should not come as a great surprise that you can get some CBD while having sex.

Research is still ongoing as to the impact on pleasure during intercourse, but the anti-anxiety characteristics of the compound could be helping people to feel more in the mood mentally and physically to enjoy sex.

The product also improves blood circulation, which can only help. As of now, the potential beneficial effects are generally based on anecdotal reports alone, but it is not stopping manufacturers from cranking these products out.

CBD lubricants on the market include Ignite CBD lubricant by Kush Queen, CBD Infused Personal Lubricant by Privy Peach, and Awaken CBD Lubricant by Foria.

4. CBD Deodorants

New deodorant products mean that you can enjoy your CBD while simultaneously smelling great.

CBD naturally possesses antibacterial characteristics that will fight off odor as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe razor irritation in skin.

Consumer products giant Unilever is already preparing a variety of CBD products like this for market via its sub-brand of Schmidt’s Naturals. It is likely that other large firms in the beauty and health industries will follow their lead.

CBD deodorants already available on the market today include CBD roll on by Lafe’s Naturals, Patchouli and CBD Deodorant by Josiah’s Oil, and CBD Deodorant by Mender.

5. CBD Toothpaste

CBD toothpaste has healing properties that might boost your all-around oral health and hygiene.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory nature and pain relief characteristics of the compound, you can manage swelling of your gums or a toothache until you get an appointment to see the dentist. The product can also aid in keeping healthy gums and protecting your teeth over the long haul.

Research has already demonstrated that CBD has the power to halt destruction of your jawbone that results from periodontitis gum infections, diminish bone loss, and stop gum disease from happening at all by lessening chronic inflammation.

Some CBD toothpastes already on the market today include CBD Toothpaste by CBD Technology Center, Hemp Extract and Grey Clay Toothpaste by CBD Marbella, and CBD Elixir Toothpaste by Full Spectrum Oil.

Clearly the exploding markets for CBD are just taking off now. Today you already have everything from water and alcohol to lubricants, toothpaste, and deodorant you can try. Only time will tell what is next for the CBD products industry.


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