5 Tips To Selecting The Right CBD Oil


To say the CBD marketplace has exploded in recent years would be an understatement. Sometimes it can seem like CBD products are everywhere!

From tinctures to tonics, bath bombs to body lotions, CBD is causing nothing less than a revolution in the wellness industry. But most interested consumers have little knowledge of CBD and even less idea of where to start learning.

Read on now to learn five expert tips to select the right CBD oil for your health and wellness needs and goals.

1. Learn the history of CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is the main active ingredient in a plant called hemp. Hemp is related to the plant used to produce marijuana but they are not the same.

For our purposes here, what you need to know is that the hemp strain, which is high in CBD, is very low in THC, the psycho-active “high producing” ingredient in marijuana.

CBD is powerful, but it does not cause a “high.” This makes CBD a much better choice for addressing many health needs in people of all ages today.

2. Understand what CBD is and does

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the primary and best-known active ingredient in hemp. However, it is not the only active ingredient in the hemp plant.

There are more than 60 documented active naturally occurring chemical compounds that are also present in the hemp plant.

Eve though CBD research is still in its infancy in the west, CBD is still the best-known and most widely studied of these active ingredients.

Healthline cites 11 known benefits for using CBD oil:

– Reducing acne outbreaks.

– Pain relief.

– Easing anxiety and depression.

– Reducing symptoms and side effects from cancer treatments.

– Neuroprotection for brain health.

– Enhancing heart health.

– Tumor prevention.

– Diabetes prevention.

– Treating mental disturbance and psychosis.

– Treating addiction.

These are far from the only health and wellness benefits linked to the use of CBD oil and CBD products. However, they are some of the best-studied to date.

3. Know the difference between CBD and THC

One of the major concerns people new to CBD oil have is whether it will show up on employment drug tests or cause any type of “high” feeling that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is known to cause.

As the Congressional Research Service (CRS) explains, the answer is that CBD itself does not cause a high or any type of psychoactive response.

However, some very minimal amount of THC is present in native strains of hemp plants. In the United States, as the CRS further explains, the federal government requires that all products sold as hemp and CBD contain 0.3 percent THC or less.

Some newer cultivars (hybrid human-made strains) of hemp are being developed that reportedly contain zero percent THC. But this is a very new science and is not the only way to use CBD without any THC.

4. What are the different types of CBD oil products?

There are three main different products in the hemp and CBD oil industry:

– Full spectrum CBD.

– CBD isolate.

– Hemp.

Full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains CBD as the main active ingredient. And it also contains the full spectrum of other CBD active ingredients, which is what gives this product its name.

CBD isolate

If you already know you are sensitive to THC or you know you need a CBD-only product due to employment drug testing, the best way to use CBD without any THC at all is to choose a product called “CBD isolate.”

This type of CBD oil contains only CBD in hemp oil – the CBD has been isolated (hence the product name) from the other active ingredients so all you get is pure CBD.


Hemp is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds are the only part of the hemp plant that do not contain CBD or any of the other active ingredients. Rather, they contain a healing oil – hemp oil.

Hemp oil extracted from the hemp plant seeds is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. As Healthline explains, hemp oil provides the perfect balance of these fatty acids in a 3:1 ratio.

Healthline outlines these benefits of using hemp oil:

– Reducing symptoms of skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

– Easing PMS and menopause symptoms.

– Reducing inflammation.

– Heart-protective.

– Cancer-fighting.

– Protecting from bacterial infection.

5. Learn all you can about using CBD for your particular health goals

It is vitally important to educate yourself about using CBD to maximize the benefits you receive.

For example, maybe you have chronic pain – either general or from a specific health condition like arthritis. Medical News Today reports that CBD is effective for chronic pain.

This is good news! Now you can choose which product – full-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate – is best for your employment situation and personal preferences.

It is always smart to start with the lowest dose recommended by the manufacturer and see how your body responds. Then you can increase as needed.

By following these five tips to select the right CBD oil product for your health and wellness needs and goals, you can experience the benefits and start feeling better fast.


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