What to Do When Quitting Smoking


Smoking is terrible for anyone’s health and many people are becoming aware of this fact. Although warning signs may be indicated on tobacco cigarettes packages, many users tend to ignore it.

You may be thinking of stopping smoking and the idea may seem hard to achieve since smoking is very addictive.

Your friend or loved one might be wanting to quit, which might be a reason you should know a thing or two on how you may help him or her accomplish their goal.

Below are some tips that will help aid you in quitting cigarettes for good. 

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Know Your Reasons for Quitting

Before embarking on your journey on stopping using tobacco cigarettes, you should know the reasons that made you decide to quit.

Knowing your reasons will help you focus and put more effort into stopping the habit. You should choose causes that are strong and enough motivation to help you succeed.

Your reason could be to lower your chances of getting lung cancer or other smoking-related diseases. Smoking affects your health and will even make you look older.

Identify Your Smoking Triggers 

The second thing that you should do is identify what triggers you into smoking. Many things might make you want to smoke. Smoking triggers vary between people.

For example, activities like watching someone smoking a cigarette may tempt you into smoking again.

Once you have identified the thing that makes you want to smoke, you should try to avoid it. For example, if you are living with someone who smokes, you can ask them not to smoke when you are around, or you could spend most of your time in places that prohibit smoking.

Avoiding alcohol may be wise since it triggers the urge to smoke.

Consider Using Nicotine Replacement

Smoking is a very addictive habit and you may find it hard to quit because of the withdrawal symptoms that tend to come in the early stages of quitting.

Withdrawal symptoms may include headaches, depression, coughing, and a change in appetite. Not everyone can withstand the side-effects.

You should inform your doctor about your decision and let him or her help you choose a nicotine replacement product to use to aid you curb the urges.

Other products like e-cigarettes and vape pens found at ePuffer are quite essential in helping people quit smoking for good.

Inform Your Friends and Family 

Since smoking is considered hard to stop though a few people may go cold turkey, you should inform your family and those close to you about your decision.

Telling others will be beneficial since they will provide additional support that you may need. You can also join support groups with other people who are trying to quit.


As stated earlier, smoking is a hard habit to stop and you should never stop trying to quit even if you find yourself going back to the practice.

Doing exercises and eating healthy will be beneficial to your body when quitting smoking. The earlier you stop smoking, the earlier your body gets a chance to repair itself.


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