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In a world full of synthetic, chemical-laden health and beauty products, it can seem like finding natural ways of keeping your body healthy and your soul happy is nearly impossible.

Essential oils are one of nature’s best products, and they have a number of surprising uses for health and beauty problems, household tips and tricks and relaxation. While commonly overlooked, the simple solutions to common everyday problems that essential oils offer are more effective than most popular techniques!

​​Are you an avid lover of essential oils and aromatherapy? Looking no further, you have reached the right place where you will find all must-know information for choosing a good quality essential oil nebulizer and how to use it the most effective way. But first, let’s jump right into our picks of top-rated nebulizing diffusers in the market.

​Top Best Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffusers

Products Square-Footage Adjustable Mist Run-Time Hours LED Light Reviews
Organic Aromas® Opulence Nebulizer Diffuser#1. Organic Aromas® Opulence 800 Yes 2 hours Yes


ArOmis Orbis Nox Merus Nebulizer Diffuser#2. ArOmis Orbis Nox Merus 900 Yes 4 hours No


Organic Aromas® Raindrop Nebulizer Diffuser#3. Organic Aromas® Raindrop 800 Yes 2 hours Yes


#4. Pilgrim. Collection Sofia 270 Yes 2 hours Yes


Organic Aromas® Mobile-Mini Nebulizer Diffuser#5. Organic Aromas® Mobile-Mini 600 No 20 hours No


Two Scents Gardenia Nebulizer Diffuser#6. Two Scents 650 Yes 50 hours No


Trillia BEEVEY Nebulizer Diffuser#7. Trillia BEEVEY 800 Yes 2 hours Yes


Smiley Daisy® Gardenia Nebulizer Diffuser#8. Smiley Daisy® Gardenia 500 No 2 hours No


Uone Nebulizer Diffuser#9. Uone 800 No 2 hours Yes


SpaRoom® AromaLuxe™ Nebulizer Diffuser#10. SpaRoom® AromaLuxe™ 875 Yes 2 hours Yes



What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?

The healing and disinfecting properties of essential oils are used in many ways – often they are rubbed directly on the skin or surface that is being treated and other times they are ingested or diluted in a spray bottle. One of the best ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them into the air – making them a part of every breath you take.

​Diffusers are attractive containers for your essential oils that take the place of other less-effective methods of exposing your essential oil to the air for long periods of time (such as a discretely-placed cotton ball).

​Diffusers allow you to experience the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy throughout your home at all times of the day in an unobtrusive, effortless manner.

​There are a number of different styles that use various techniques to allow essential oil to fill the air around you. No matter which style you buy, the unit is working to break down the oil into micro-molecules. The micro-molecules are incredibly small, which allows them to be projected into the air, carrying their scent and benefits with them.

These micro-molecules are long-lasting as well – they will remain active in the air for several hours. It is always wise to begin using one of these gradually – when you first buy a diffuser you should use it for no more than thirty minutes a day until you are used to the essential oil’s effects.

After you are used to this, you can gradually work up to using your diffuser every hour of the day. Remember that even after your nose gets used to the scent you are still receiving all of the benefits of your essential oils!

Essential oil diffusers are wonderful tools because they can be used with all of the essential oils you own. This means that even if you require a different kind of essential oil you will not have to go out and buy new tools, you will be able to repurpose the one you already have instead!

​The 4 Different Types of Diffusers

​There are four types of diffusers that are most commonly used, and each have their own benefits and limitations. Of course, within each type there will be a multitude of models and designs that will allow you to find a diffuser that fits all of your needs.

With the proper kind of diffuser for your home you will be able to experience all of the benefits of essential oils, including reduced stress, a boosted immune system, improved mood and concentration and purified sweet-scented air.

This website and article will be focused on the last two, which we believe to be most popular and effective.


This is the simplest kind of oil diffuser on the market. The essential oil is placed on to the diffuser – sometimes directly applied to a porous surface, other times dropped on to a filter placed in front of a fan – and it is left alone to diffuse throughout the area.

This kind of diffuser requires minimal supervision and effort, but is often thought to be less effective than some of the other diffuser types available.


​Heat diffusers use a very gentle level of heat to activate the desired components of the chosen essential oil. These diffusers are completely silent (making them a very subtle way of using a diffuser) and the heat can help the aroma of the essential oil to spread more effectively.

Too much heat may damage the chemical components of an essential oil, so it is important to select your heat diffuser carefully in order to avoid this unfortunate drawback to heat-based diffusers. Heat-based diffusers also need to be turned off whenever they will be left unattended for a significant period of time, which is something to consider if you lead an on-the-go lifestyle.

​Nebulizer Diffuser

​These make use of new technology to make the ancient uses of essential oils more effective. Nebulizers break essential oils down into tiny particles before releasing them into the air. This adds therapeutic value as the smaller the molecules of essential oil are, the more easily they can be taken into the body.

All nebulizers will be comprised of two parts – a glass component that holds and processes the essential oils and a base that holds the motor responsible for sending the essential oil particles into the air. Nebulizers may be slightly more pricey than other options, but some models (such as the Orbis Lux Merus Tempus) are so effective that they are definitely worth the few extra dollars.


​The last, but certainly not least, kind of essential oil diffuser commonly used is the ultrasonic (or humidifying) diffuser. This kind of diffuser is quite different from the others – it makes use of electric frequencies, water, and a small vibrating disk to change the essential oil into micro-particles.

These diffusers can be very helpful in drier climates as the fine mist of essential oil is accompanied by a fine mist of water, adding humidity back into the air. They are often nearly completely silent and often have added features that make them easy to fit into your daily lifestyle, such as the Greenair Spa Vapor.

​Essential Oils on the Go

Unfortunately, one problem that all five diffuser models mentioned above share is that they are only suited for your home or work environment. All essential oil diffusers meant for the home require a power source in order to operate, and transporting liquid is always asking for trouble!

In order to solve this problem there are several kinds of on-the-go diffusers that have been developed over the years. Having your essential oils with you throughout your day can be incredibly helpful.

After all, if you are feeling ill that feeling is not going to go away when you step out of the door! If you have a few tiny vials of essential oils with you in your car or in your purse you will be able to combat any problems that occur throughout the day, or any ongoing conditions that you are worried about.

One common way to use essential oils on the go is using an oil diffuser necklace. Aromatherapy jewelery usually consists of a pendant that can hold a small amount of your essential oil of choice. Some pendants may be hollow and filled with the oils, while others are made out of naturally absorbent substances such as terracotta clay.

The simplicity and customizability of aromatherapy jewelery is one of the benefits of this kind of portable diffuser. You can choose one (or more!) pendants that suit your personality and style, or even make your own if you are a creative person!

Not only will you look good in your aromatherapy jewelery, but you will also be able to experience the positive effects of your chosen essential oil at any point throughout the day.

​Besides home and work, chances are that you also spend a decent amount of time traveling by car. Thankfully, there are diffusers made especially for the time you spend traveling by car each day!

These essential oil diffusers are designed to work without electricity, and to use just a tiny bit of oil at a time. Cars are small, after all, and so just a little bit of your favorite essential oil will do the job.

The diffuser is usually attached to the driver’s air vent in order to improve the circulation of the essential oil. Other models, like the Car Scenter by Bath & Body Works (shown in the picture below), will use a few drops of oil sprinkled on to a pad that is then placed on a device plugged into the cigarette lighter in order to use some heat diffuser techniques.

Having an essential oil diffuser in your car is one way to guarantee that rush hour stress or late-night trips to get milk do not get the better of you!

Some suggested oils to use on a daily basis in these portable diffusers include:

  • ​lavender (to avoid stress and headaches),
  • lime (for concentration and memory),
  • peppermint (to clear sinuses and decrease cravings), and
  • sweet orange (for optimism and improved mood).

It is obvious why having any of these scents could be helpful as you go throughout your day – from early morning carpools, to stressful days at work, to a dinner out with friends and to relax you as you try to fall asleep. Having them available to you either on a pendant or in your car is the perfect way to make sure that you have the benefits of essential oils no matter what direction your day takes.


​Essential oils can be incredibly beneficial in all aspects of your life, and have been used worldwide for hundreds of years with great success. Whether you are worried about your personal health, your appearance, your mental well-being, the amount of sleep you get at night, or the cleanliness of your home, there is an essential oil out there that will be able to help you.

They are an inexpensive and natural way to improve your life, and with the help of diffusers such as the ones mentioned above, there is a very small amount of effort required to work an essential oil or two into your daily life.

Hopefully this article has answered many of your questions about essential oils, their uses, and how best to find ways to use them in your life. If you have any questions about which essential oils to use, how to use them, or about the Nebulizer Diffusers mentioned int his article please get in contact with us.

We truly believe in the amazing, natural benefits that using essential oils can bring to your life and so we would be more than happy to take some time to discuss these changes with you.


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