Fighting Anxiety with Edible CBD Products


Feeling anxious during these uncertain times? Don’t let it cripple you. CBD edibles are here to help you through this rough patch.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety disorders or has witnessed their loved ones suffering from it, know exactly how crippling it can be. Anxiety disorders can happen to anyone. Whether it’s the current state of life or the world at large, dealing with these things can push people into chronic anxiety.

Cannabidiol or CBD is starting to turn heads as more research is revealing the extents of its potentials.  As CBD reaches towards gaining widespread acceptance, more people are discovering its healing properties.

Using CBD to fight anxiety is not unheard of and is often used to calm anxiety in dogs. There has been a boom of edible CBD products on the market. But, can they help reduce anxiety in humans?

What is CBD and How it works

CBD is a compound commonly found in cannabis and hemp plants. The misconception people have about cannabis is that it will make you intoxicated.

However, CBD does not get you “high”, unlike the other cannabis compound called THC( Tetrahydrocannabinol). You will not feel intoxicated by using CBD, as this does not have any psychedelic properties.

One diverse study showed that the use of CBD can reduce anxiety, seizures, and various other ailments in rats. After they were given a dosage of CBD, they showed signs of low anxiety such as lower heart rate, calm behavior, and so on.

One dose of CBD can help you feel relaxed and calm. People who use it, stand by its effectiveness.

CBD Edibles Available In The Market

Many of us depend on conventional medication to help us with our anxiety. While they may help us deal with our anxiety, medication containing benzodiazepines like Xanax and Valium are physically addictive if used for the long term.

Using such medication for a long time can also have other side effects such as aggression, depression, apathy, and even leading to as far as suicide.

Most people who are aware of this try to find a natural alternative, with reduced side effects. CBD can be the alternative you have been searching for.

Having a daily dosage of CBD infused edibles or taking some while feeling anxious can help you lower your anxiety level. Here are a few CBD infused edibles available in the market.

CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t love gummy bears? CBD Gummies are arguably the most popular form of CBD edible.

Most people prefer taking these as they are easy, convenient, and you can carry the bottle with you. Some people claim it helps them sleep better and prefer to take them before going to bed.

CBD gummies are incredibly versatile. You will find little something for everyone. They are colorful, they come in different flavors.

You can find various types of these gummies. You will find gluten-free and vegan types. Besides sweetened or sugar-free versions are also available. You can find low carb and organic ones too.

Looking for the best gummies in the UK? Visit CBD gummies UK for some delicious anxiety relief.

CBD Infused Chocolates

How wonderful it feels to take a bite of a bar of chocolate after a stressful day. Dark chocolate, in particular, is excellent for blowing off steam during difficult days. What better ways to reduce stress and anxiety than eating chocolate infused with CBD?

Chocolate, similar to CBD, has compounds that boost serotonin production, the neurotransmitter that calms down our body. Eating or even thinking about chocolate also releases dopamine, the happy hormone, in our system.

A variety of CBD infused chocolate bars are available. You will find sweetened or unsweetened, packed with nuts, milk, or dark versions of these bars. Skip the calories with a piece of CBD dark chocolate, which is more than enough for a quick pick-me-up.

Tea Enhanced With CBD

For years, people have tried various types of teas to calm our nerves. If you are looking for wholesome and natural stress relievers, CBD enhanced teas are what you need.

Companies have created lines of infused teas, pairing it with regular tea, matcha, chamomile, turmeric, peppermint, ginger, and many more flavors. You will also find regular flavored teas, such as fruits or vanilla with CBD.

Switching it and choosing CBD teas instead of caffeinated ones can help you get through the day with a peaceful mind. People drink caffeine to feel focused and in control, however, caffeine can increase your anxiety. CBD can get your nerves to become calm while helping you focus.

Homemade CBD Edibles

We all know how immobilizing and hazardous anxiety is for our physical and mental health. Long-term anxiety stems from constant stress, which leads to many other diseases. Physicians always suggest reducing daily stress to fight off various diseases and disorders.

Infusing CBD in your daily diet can give you a way to deal with everyday stressful situations that lead to anxiety. Here are a few ways you can incorporate CBD into your regular diet.

Due to Covid-19 lockdowns and isolation periods, eating homemade food has become trendy. Things that people used to buy from outside before are trying to make at home. Incorporating CBD into your diet by making homemade edibles is a perfect solution for these anxiety-inducing times.

CBD Oil or Tincture

Infusing CBD oil with homemade food is quite popular. People infuse it to make sweet items, drink it with teas and lattes, even add it to mayo!

The CBD tincture has an alcohol base. People often take it by dropping some under the tongue for quick relief. You can use the tincture the same way you would use the oil.

You can add both the oil or the tincture with butter and use that to make anything you want. You can add it to your salad dressing or dips. You can also try infusing soups and stews with CBD oil.

The internet is filled with plenty of delicious CBD oil recipes, any would be great to cover its bitter taste.

CBD Isolate Powder

CBD isolate the powder is the edible version of CBD. You can use this like oil or tincture, using it to make infused butter or oil. You can directly add it to any homemade beverages like healthy smoothies, lattes, teas, or juices.

Final Thoughts

Edible CBD products can help you deal with anxiety during these trying times. Be careful with the dosage and test out your tolerance. Too much of even a good thing can be bad, so always practice caution with CBD intake.


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