6 Ways to Show Your Friends You Care


Whether your friend is going through a hard time, they’ve just received exciting news, or you just want to remind them that they’re special to you, sending a thoughtful gift will never go unappreciated. But sometimes, wanting to make a sweet gesture is much easier said than done.

If you’re feeling stumped on ideas for how to show your friends you care, use these 6 ideas as inspiration. Whatever you choose, they’ll surely enjoy your sweet surprise.

Send Them a Care Package

Care packages filled with their favorite items is a unique way to deliver your friend a loving message that they won’t soon forget. You can choose a theme for their gift basket like get well soon (include things like tea, an essential oil diffuser, throat lozenges, a cold compress, etc.) or birthday celebration (fill their basket with cupcakes, mini balloons, a party hat, etc.). Whatever you choose to include in the care package is up to you, feel free to get creative!

Not great at DIY? Don’t worry, there are plenty of carefully curated options for gift basket delivery available that you can select from.

Take Them Out

A night out with friends is a great way to celebrate or even get your mind off things that are causing you stress. Whatever the case may be, plan a night out with your friend (feel free to invite others along if the mood is right) where you can be carefree and enjoy each other’s company. You could go out for dinner, drinks, dancing, or whatever they typically like to do to blow off some steam.

If they’re not in the mood for a social setting, you could also invite them over for a movie night complete with their favorite wine and snacks.

Have Flowers Delivered to Their Office

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? From housewarming gifts to offering condolences, flowers are always welcome.

Having plants around provides a lot of benefits like a boost of energy and cleaner air. Plus, floral bouquets are beautiful reminders of how much you care about them. If your friend doesn’t happen to have a green thumb, you could always send them a nice potted succulent or arrangement that requires very little watering.

Whichever kind you choose to send, your friend will proudly display their bouquet somewhere they can enjoy it like their desk, kitchen, or bedroom.

Write Them a Letter

Letter writing is a lost art, but you can bring it back. Putting pen to paper is a great way to express how much they mean to you and why you appreciate having them as a friend. Get a cute card or special stationary and a fun-colored pen, then get to writing. You can hand deliver or mail their note, or even attach it to a gift. If they aren’t particularly shy, stick around to see their face light up as they read your kind words.

Plan a Weekend Getaway for Two

Who doesn’t love a girls weekend? Whether your friend is stressed, celebrating their special day, or feeling uninspired, a trip for the two of you is the perfect way to show them how much their happiness means to you.

Going on a getaway doesn’t mean you need to shell out tons of cash, you can do it on a budget and have just as much fun. After all, it’s all about the company you keep. Plan activities that you think they might like or put together a list of recommendations and let them choose your adventures. Either way, taking most of the stress of planning off their plate will make the trip that much more enjoyable for them.

If they can’t go away for a whole weekend, consider scheduling a staycation in your town. Rent a hotel room or Airbnb, visit a local tourist attraction that you haven’t been to, and treat the night like you would on a vacation.

Offer to Help Them Out

If your friend is feeling overwhelmed, offer to help them out. Whether that’s watching their kids so they can have a night off or go to the gym or even running some errands for them, anything you can do to make their day easier will surely be appreciated. It could even be as simple as dropping off a homemade meal for them and their family when they’ve had an especially rough week at work.

If you want to make your friends feel special, there are virtually endless ways to do so. It all comes down to thinking about what they like and how you can remind them that you’re a friend they can count on no matter what.


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