Which Coffee Machine Makes The Best Espresso?


Becoming an owner of an espresso machine could be a form of income or leisure for most coffee lovers. Their choices for purchasing the right home espresso-making machine funnel down towards two top brands: Breville and Delonghi. The two leading espresso machine makers are popular and well-established. But whose product suits you the finest?

Choosing Your Own Espresso Machine

To be able to choose the proper espresso machine that fits your criteria requires a closer look at a machine’s certain attributes. Modern espresso machines produced from the production line come with unique traits proprietary to their brands. Different espresso machine iterations are now equipped with today’s technologies combined with their daily functions.

One important thing for your choice would be if an espresso machine can give you a cup of quality coffee. Two leading brands are known and well-established that are regularly pitted against each other. Several debates on Breville vs Delonghi circle around which brand manufactures the best espresso machines.

Introducing Breville and De’Longhi


Breville started out as an Australian brand of small home appliances. It was formed during 1932 in Sydney, Australia, by Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville by mixing both their names. Its Breville Research and Development center was initiated by Bill O’Brien’s son, John O’Brien. Breville has then developed one-hundred active patents and won forty international design awards in the year 1974.

Breville launched to stardom with its 1974 toastie maker and became popular with each Australian household. Breville’s toasted sandwich maker met similar success as it opened up in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Now, the company is known for multiple home appliances and their esteemed home espresso machines.


De’Longhi company was founded in 1902 by the De’Longhi family originating as an industrial parts workshop. Incorporated in 1950, De’Longhi initially made portable heaters and air conditioners. It further expanded its manufacturing capabilities with small domestic home appliances used in food preparation, cooking, household cleaning, and ironing.

De’Longhi became widely known for its product designs. The Esclusivo lineage of home and kitchen appliances gained a Red Dot design award in the year 2007. De’Longhi is now especially well-known for the Artista series of home espresso machines.

Different Types of Espresso Machines by Breville and De’Longhi

Nespresso Machines

  • Breville’s Creatista

Breville’s Creatista is built with a premium non-metallic finish. It has a frother made of an automatic steel wand, could hold up to 50 oz of water supply, and has a 19 bar pump assembly. A user can have a cup of coffee after the machine’s 3-second heat-up.

  • De’Longhi’s Lattissima Plus

Lattissima Plus is created mostly with plastic-based materials. The machine’s froth maker is automatic and integrated with a carafe glass. It has a 19 bar pump assembly capable of storing 30 oz of water. A single touch for operation can activate and produce quick lattes and cappuccinos.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

  • Breville’s Cafe Roma

Cafe Roma, a semi-automatic espresso machine has a thermoblock as its boiler. Its froth maker is composed of a steam wand coupled with a froth enhancer. It has a 15 bar pump assembly and a 40 oz reservoir for water. Breville’s Cafe Roma has a user-friendly cup warmer and double wall port filters.

  • De’Longhi’s ECP3630 Cappuccino and Espresso Machine

ECP3630 has a unique stainless-steel cup boiler integrated with De’Longhi’s patented Rapid Cappuccino System. The machine’s frother is made of an automatic steel wand and the machine could hold 37 oz of water storage. It has a self-priming auto-tamper for ease of use.

Automatic Espresso Machines

  • Breville’s Barista Touch

Breville’s Automatic espresso machine can be operated with a touchscreen display. It features a singular thermojet, a programmable steam wand, and has a 15 bar pump assembly. Barista Touch espresso machine has a conical burr grinder capable of grinding multiple sizes of coffee beans.

  • De’Longhi’s La Specialista

La Specialista is De’Longhi’s automatic espresso machine operated by buttons and dials. It has a thermoblock for heating water storage separated from the milk, an automatic steam wand, and a 19 bar pump assembly. De’Longhi’s automatic espresso machine is applied with its own patented technology of sensor grinding.


Two top-notch home espresso machine manufacturers known as Breville and De’Longhi has competed with their production of unique coffee making appliances. Both are widely-known for their quality made products and appliance design capabilities. Learning about the products of each brand could help an individual make the right choice when purchasing their own home espresso machine.

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