What is CBD Dabbing and Why You Need to Try It


Just when you thought they couldn’t think of any other way to consume CBD, they come up with dabbing.

No, we’re not talking about that dance move trend from 2015. Dabbing is the hottest new way to use CBD, but it’s actually been around for a while.

Utilized by medical marijuana users to take in the herb’s concentrate, dabbing is a quick, easy, and almost instant delivery mechanism for extracts of the cannabis plant.

For CBD users, dabbing promises the same benefits, delivering the sweet reward of CBD without the nasty smoke, aftertaste, and unwanted sugar. So, if you still haven’t joined the dabbing bandwagon, it’s probably time you learned more about it.

How Do You Dab CBD?

To dab CBD, you’re going to need a dab rig. Its kind of looks like a bong, but more complex. The dab rig is used along with a butane torch to vaporize the sample and a dab tool to place the dab of concentrate on the nail or banger.

For the purpose of dabbing, hemp connoisseurs will often choose CBD distillate for its potent concentration of ideal texture and consistency.

Once the sample is vaporized, the vapor travels through the rig and out of the mouthpiece. That’s where you inhale the produced vapor and let the CBD take its effect on your eager system.

Why Do Some People Prefer Dabbing?

There are tons of ways to use hemp and CBD. From smokables including hemp flower and vape oils, to edibles like gummy candies and coffee. Then of course there are topicals, skin care products, pet care products, and everything else you could think of. So why should you dab now?

Well, it’s simple – there is no other method of transport that acts faster than dabbing. That’s why it’s the method of choice for people enrolled in medical marijuana programs.

But more than being a fast-acting mechanism, dabbing has also been said to be better for your lungs versus smoking hemp. That’s because the delicate plumes of vapor are light, airy, and don’t contain the chemicals produced from burning raw flower.

That said, you can also expect dabbing to be far easier on the taste buds, producing nearly zero flavor and after taste. For that reason, they’re ideal for low tolerance users.

Finally, most people like dabbing because its fast. Delivering a higher potency than edibles or topicals, dabbing also doesn’t take a lot of time. The entire process can be performed in minutes, and the strength and duration of the method’s effects are comparable to smoking raw flower.

Is Dabbing CBD Safe?

Perhaps one of the most common questions people ask when faced with an unknown method for using hemp is – is it safe?

While dabbing eliminates the chemicals associated with burning hemp, it isn’t without a few kinks here and there. For the most part, the dangers associated with dabbing CBD that comes from shady sources.

The process of making the concentrates used for dabbing involves the use of butane. The flammable substance is added to the mix which is then exposed to high heat to evaporate the stuff.

But some manufacturers aren’t able to completely get rid of the butane, thus leaving trace amounts in their concentrates. The result? Well, let’s just say some dabbers have ended up with minor burn injuries.

The best way to curb the risk would be to carefully source your dabbing product of choice. High quality CBD distillate can be a wonderful pick to maximize the benefits of dabbing, but it’s important that you make sure you’re buying from a reputable source.

Do your research, read up on the brands you patronize, and maybe even perform a test burn before you get to the real deal – just to be on the safe side.

Tips for a Safe and Effective Dab

  1. Manage your dosage – Being one of the most potent mechanism for using CBD distillate, you shouldn’t really use too much of your extract for your dab. A little goes a long way – that’s why it’s called dabbing, because all you’ll need is a dab. Putting more than you need might result to an inefficient burn and thus too little vapor.
  2. Get the timing right – Unlike a bong that produces smoke instantly after you light and suck, the dabbing rig doesn’t provide immediate results. For inexperienced dabbers, the wait time might cue extra burning.

But it pays to know that burning the dab further might result to an overcooked extract that’s bitter and burnt. As a general rule, you should heat a dab no more than 30 seconds, or until the quartz begins to glow. Once that’s done, you can kill the torch and wait. Depending on the circumstances, it could take up to a minute before you can inhale that delicate vapor.

  1. Practice – All you’ll really need is a dab, so don’t be afraid to experiment and practice before the real deal. No doubt, the dab rig might look overwhelming and daunting at the start, but by watching it at work, you’ll be able to figure out how to maximize its potential.
  2. Shop around – Don’t just take any seller’s word for it – everyone’s trying to make a sale. So, before you finally decide on a CBD distillate to try with your dab rig, read and shop around. For the most part, the quality of your experience will rely on the quality of the distillate you buy. Plus, because safety can be an issue with poor formulations, it just helps to make doubly sure.

Over to You

The dabbing dance craze might be totally 2015, but the CBD dab is here to stay. Promising a brand-new experience for hemp-heads, dabbing is changing the way we enjoy CBD by heightening the effects through an effortless process that’s easy and quick.

So, if you’re looking to see CBD in a brand-new light, it might be time to retire the gummies and hemp flower in exchange for a deserving dab rig.


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