What Function Does An Enlisted Officer Have In The Military?


If you want to join the military, you can do that in two ways. It’s either by enlisting or commissioning as an officer. You’re probably wondering what the difference is between the two. Well, let’s explain it a bit more now.

Both carriers have their own benefits, education, experiences, compensation. But, the responsibilities and requirements for enlisted officers and officers are very much different. Knowing these things will make you understand the military better. No matter what you choose, it will affect your life because it is a huge commitment. That’s why you have to think it through.

To even be able to join the military, you’ll have the following things: you must be age between 17 and 34, have a high school diploma, and pass the military entrance medical exam and the ASVAB test.

After that, you will work with a counselor to discuss what your job opportunities are. Then the next step is to review the enlistment agreement. This consists of your terms of enlistment, what your obligations are, and the specific job you’ll hold.

When all of that is done, the next step is to take the oath of enlistment. With this, you confirm that you will obey the uniform code.

What is the ASVAB Test?

It’s a test that consists of 10 individuals tests that measure your aptitudes. They cover your knowledge of math, words, paragraph comprehension, general science, mechanical comprehension, information of electronics, auto, and shops, arithmetic reasoning, numeral operations, coding speed. Each test has its own score table that you have to fulfill.

Benefits Of Joining The Military

When you’re in the military, you’ll have a steady income, twice a month, every month. You’ll have paid vacation. Every month that you work, you are 2.5 days of vacation that gather up to 60 days. You can get promoted, depending on your knowledge, performance.

When you are on active duty, you get medical and dental care, and that’s with no cost at all. Also, you get life insurance if you are an active duty member. When it comes to your taxes, federal and state taxes are deducted from your pay. If you want to know more about it, follow this link https://www.military.com/join-armed-forces/military-benefits-overview.html.

What Being An Enlisted Officer Is All About?

More than 80% of the military consists of enlisted personnel. They are the ones responsible for carrying the military actions. They carry out the mission and know all about it. As they get higher on the rank, their authority will also rise.

Unlike the others, it is expected for the enlisted personnel to continue with their education while being in the military. They’ll get all kinds of missions, and they are expected to do whatever is required.

Very often, enlisted personnel can go through the NCOES, which is the Non-Commissioned Officer Education System. This system is consisted of many leadership training courses that teach the soldiers to lead in the military. There are few levels from these courses, which are: the basic training advanced leadership course, senior leader course, first sergeant academy, U.S army sergeant major academy, command sergeant major academy. To know more about this, check this page out.

Many times people tend to confuse the two members of the same military branch. The enlisted personnel goes straight into active service. On the other hand, the officers have to study to get a bachelor’s degree. They also have to learn a specific career field.

Something that’s very strange and screams spy in the military is when you see an officer help out with the part where the gear is being loaded and unloaded.

Joining the military has its ups and downs, just like any other career. Being in the military can make you be away from your family for months and months. You have to be sort of independent when it comes to this career. You might not know when you will be coming back home.

Something can come up anytime and anywhere. You have to be prepared for any situations that might occur. That’s why being an enlisted officer has its pros and cons. Your mind has to be able to operate and maintain all the activities. You have to supervise the junior personnel.

If you ever want to become an officer coming from enlisted personnel, you can become whenever you wish for it. Both of them have different but unique ranks. They will differ between branches, but they indicate their level of leadership, responsibility, and pay grade.

When joining it, no matter what branch you choose, you have to have the right mindset for it. All the tests and training will help you through it. But once you’re in it, if you ever feel like you can’t do it, you can back down at any time.


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