What Does Papaya Taste Like?

What could be more fantastic than enjoying sweet and refreshing fruits anytime you like! Today is a day of papaya. Have you ever eaten papaya before? What does papaya taste like? Does papaya have any great nutrition and etc.? If you’re wondering lots of things about this yummy fruit, let this article show you necessary information.

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A Quick Glance Of Papaya

Papaya is a common fruit that is coming from tropical countries, namely Belize and Mexico. Due to its unique taste, explorers from Spanish and Portuguese decided to introduce and cultivate it across the world such as Latin America, the Philippines and some certain areas of Africa and Southeast Asia.

Shaped like a large pear, papayas are a softly sweet, yellow/greenish fruit, weighing about 0.5 to 1kg. You are able to eat raw or use it flexibly in lots of recipes from sweet and tasty sauces, sorbets to soups and marinade.

Although you can enjoy papayas all year round, try to eat them at their peak season (between April and June) in order to taste the best flavor.

A Couple Of Health Benefits Of Papayas You Should Know

what does papaya salad taste like
  • Papayas hold a huge amount of vitamin A, beta-Carotene  from the orange color and an antioxidant that might prevent macular degeneration and aid in your eyes.
  • Of course, this tropical fruit is also rich in vitamin C that helps to elevate immunity, reduce aging and repair tissues.
  • Eating more papayas provides a great amount of fiber that is good for your digestive health. Besides, it can eliminate toxins and cholesterol out of your body and raise satiety. Wonderfully, the risk of developing certain cancers or heart diseases will remarkably decrease.
  • In addition, papayas provide an enzyme called papain that is good for your gut.
  • Thanks to a high-water content, enjoying papayas can enhance your hydration and prevent constipation.

The Taste Of Papayas

​To savor the sweet and delicate flavor, make sure the papaya is ripe. That’s mean its skin is no longer green and soft to touch. But, if the papaya is too soft when touching, don’t eat it because it’s overripe.

Now, open the papaya and see whether it is ripe or overripe. It’s common for this fruit to be somewhat soft and orange flesh with black pearl-like seeds.

​The papayas taste quite refreshing and juicy while some have a nectar-like flavor that can be compared to exotic and tropical mangoes. Before enjoying the papayas, be sure to discard the skin, the fibrous flesh and the seeds in the middle.

Since we just eat the ripe papayas, how about the unripe ones?

​Don’t eat it raw because it doesn’t only have a weird funky aroma but also taste quite bitter. To the unripe papayas, the best way is to cook them. If you have a chance to travel some Asian countries, you can recognize that the green papayas are processed in many dishes such as Som Tam in Thailand, green papaya salad in Vietnam, and so on.

​Ways To Pick A Ripe Papaya

what does papaya salad taste like

​Maybe, you feel challenging a bit when seeking for an excellent papaya at the first time. But, don’t worry too much because the information below will instruct you how to select.

  • Color – Papayas should be yellow or orange-red in color with tiny blemishes.
  • Smell – The overripe papayas often come with a very clear muskiness that smells like the bad feet. Meanwhile, the unripe ones have no aromas. If you smell a gently sweet aroma near to its stem, you should pick it up since it’s ripe perfectly.
  • Shape – Hold the papaya with both hands and check whether or not it has a plump shape.

Check out how to choose, cut and eat a papaya

​Prepare Papayas In A Healthy Method

what does green papaya taste like

​As you know, papayas hold lots of wonders that are good for your health if eating frequently. Here are some ways to add this flavorsome, colorful and nutritious fruit into your daily diet.

  • The simplest and easiest way is to eat the papaya raw. Slice it by the best santoku knife in half and then discard the seeds with the spoon. Don’t forget to rinse the inside with the cold water to remove any seeds or unnecessary pulp. Next, squeeze a lemon over the fruit to increase the natural taste. Finally, scoop and enjoy.
  • Similar to other fruits like banana or avocado, you can make papaya milkshake, papaya sorbet or papaya bread.
  • Or try doing Som Tam if you unluckily get an unripe papaya. You can consult some recipes online to cook it. And make sure to serve it cold for a refreshing appetizer.

​No more wonder what does papaya taste like, right? If you haven’t truly eaten this fruit, you should find and try it now. Although you will meet some small troubles for the first time, it’s worthwhile to taste this one-of-a-kind flavor. And don’t forget to share your feelings after enjoying this tropical fruit. We’re waiting to hear interesting comments from you.


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