What are Medical Compression Socks and How to Use Them


Medical compression socks or pressure socks are worn to feel comfortable and also to ensure a relaxed sporting performance. They help to prevent any severe medical conditions you might incur during sports or any torturing exercises.

These compression socks help to boost your blood flow and also help to reduce pain and swelling in your leg and ankle areas. They are also made to help reduce the chances of you developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a severe medical condition that takes place when a blood clot (clump of blood) forms in a vein that is situated deep inside your body.

These compression stockings are available in different sizes and forms, so it’s best to consult with your physician to find out the best option for you. You can check here at Lasso Gear’s medical compression socks for a selection of some of the best options in the market.

What Are Medical Compression Socks?

These are socks that are made explicitly in a tight-fitting and stretchy manner that gently takes hold of your leg. These stockings are more firm around your ankles, and as they gradually move up, they begin to loosen up.

You can buy a compression sock over the counter at almost any sporting facility or shop, but if it was prescribed to you by your doctor, then you may need to find a specific brand. You can also buy them online or in drug stores. They might cost you around $10 to $100, depending on your specifications.

Who Uses Medical Compression Socks?

  • People who have just gone through surgery
  • People who can’t make it out of their bed, or are finding it difficult moving their legs at all
  • Athletes and fitness trainers
  • People with blood circulation problems for example varicose veins, diabetes, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • People who stand for lengthy periods at work.

What Are Their Functions?

Compression socks contain pressure, that when worn on your legs, they help to enhance the performance of your blood vessels. It helps in relaxing the arteries that are responsible for taking oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, and so, this makes the blood flow freely without any restraints. Your veins get to pump blood back to the heart. You can find a detailed breakdown of its uses in the link below.


A pressure stocking is used for dealing with tired and achy foot, and also in relieving swelling in your feet and ankle region. They are also used to prevent varicose veins and might help you feel better when standing.

Because these help keep the blood flowing, it becomes difficult for a blood clot to form. If there is a clump of blood, it can get stuck somewhere dangerous, and it makes it harder for proper blood circulation, which can cause swelling and other severe conditions.

Athletes and trainers wear this hosiery on the sleeves and arm areas to help with a better flow of air to the muscles, and as a result, it prevents tissue damage. This will make the athletes perform freely without any worry of cramp and sore afterward.

Researchers have found these socks not to improve performance on the field magically, they are only made for comfortability, and to prevent damages on the body most notably on the leg and ankle areas.

What Kind Of Socks Are There?

Compression socks and sleeves come in different lengths and sizes and can cover a lot of body parts. Some go just below the knee, and these kinds are suitable for people with DVT. Some are as long as the thigh areas.

This piece of clothing also comes with different pressure levels and is measured in mm Hg. They should feel tight to your body but not in a way to cause pain, a little squeeze from the sock is all that it takes to make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

You also have the Thrombo-embolic deterrent (TED) socks. These socks are designed for people who’ve just made it out of surgery. This sock helps to tighten their surgical areas and provide support for proper blood flow throughout their recovery period.

If you are just out of surgery and are going to spend a lot of time in bed, this is the preferred clothes for you.

There’s also the graduated compression hose. This is for when you can stand and move around.

You must check with your doctor if you need these socks for a medical reason. They will be able to suggest the right ones and measurements for you.

How To Wear Pressure Stockings?

Smoothen the stockings out so as they can lie flat against your skin.

Ensure they aren’t too long.do not fold them or roll them down, because it becomes too tight against your skin. That will be bad for blood circulation, which can cause lightheadedness. You can find more useful tips here on how to use compression these.

If these socks have been prescribed to you by your doctor, make sure to check how long to wear them, and how often to use them.

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