Want to Work in the Beauty Industry? 6 Cool Jobs to Try


Personal appearance matters to a lot of people. So you’ll find some of the best skin clinics, spas, salons and barbershops typically full or doing well. Even in a recession, the cosmetics industry performs well. Little wonder then that occupations involved in the business of beauty is projected to grow at least 13 percent through 2026.

Clearly, the rewards of a career in the beauty industry will not only satisfy your love for engaging with and helping people; it will also bring some financial security.

What jobs await you in the beauty or personal care industry?

1. Aesthetician or Esthetician

Aesthetician and esthetician are usually interchanged. But one is not the same as the other; an aesthetician works in a medical setting or any establishment with a clinical focus whereas an esthetician can be found in a spa or salon. Both are skin specialists.

If you prefer to work with a dermatologist, helping treat patients with their acne or skin blemishes, look into training and qualifications needed for an aesthetician. Some aestheticians complete further education and apply for specialization if they want to work in a hospital setting, from a burn unit to reconstructive surgery.

But if you’d rather focus on the cosmetic aspect of skin care, try being an esthetician. You can work in a beauty salon offering high-end facials, a fitness club or a spa.

2. Makeup Artist

If you are good with applying makeup, why not try being a makeup artist? You will get to work closely with clients and understand what works best for their skin tone.

As a makeup artist, you have the opportunity to work on different people and in foray into different industries, like the entertainment industry.

Many types of training are also available, so you can find your niche. For example, you can sign up for eyelash extension classes. Beautifying the lashes have become popular for the past few years because it adds a feminine touch to the eyes without overdoing it.

3. Chemist

Chemists are the ones responsible for developing new products. If you have a pharmacy degree, why not take up this position?

As a chemist, you can develop different products such as creating creams for dry skin or lipsticks that do not smudge easily. Many brands also hire chemists to come up with unique signature scents after testing various essential oils.

To become a chemist, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related field. Many companies for beauty products hire chemists with experience too, so if you love this industry and want to stay here for life, go for it.

4. Beauty Influencer

A great way to get your foot in the door is by becoming a beauty influencer on social media. People trust their peers, and if they think that you are an expert, they will follow whatever you recommend on social media.

To become an influencer, show potential brands that you have a lot of followers on Instagram or Snapchat. Work with different brands and promote their products while showcasing how it looks once it has been applied.

This is a fun position because you get to do what you love for a living and meet new people all the time. You can also earn money in different ways, such as getting paid to post on social media or even hosting events.

5. Store Manager

This is a big step in your career because it means that you are responsible for the operations of the company and making sure everything is going smoothly. You need to learn about payroll management, inventory control, and how to make employees work well.

A degree in accounting and business management can help you land a job fast. However, if you have experience in hiring people with proper qualifications for these positions, you have an equal or even a better shot.

6. Hairstylist

This is a classic career path in the beauty industry. You can start by working as an assistant and helping your hairstylist apply color to different clients.

As you progress, you will learn more about styling and discover new ways to work with different hair textures and tones. Once you have gained enough experience, it is time for you to open your own salon or become a freelancer.

To be successful as a hairstylist, make sure that you keep yourself updated on current trends, such as popular colors and styles. This information ensures that you can capture your client’s attention and give them a great look all the time.

The beauty industry is thriving, and many roles need to be filled. Take the time to learn about each position and when you are ready, dive in.


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