Top 6 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Cannot Get Pregnant


Usually, we are sure that we can conceive at any time. Of course, first, we should become mature enough, get a suitable place in society, or improve our financial situation.

No one thinks about health problems that can get in the way of the desired pregnancy, as well as the consequences of those decisions that we made in our youth. Several abortions, wild parties, and an endless change of sexual partners don’t look that great when you decide to become parents. And it is not always easy to get pregnant.

If the body of your girlfriend has been suffering from her whims for too long, at some point it could decide that she doesn’t need children. And it is hard to adjust these destructive programs. Let’s look at the psychosomatic causes of infertility. So, why can’t your girlfriend get pregnant?

1. Focus On Financial Issues

If thoughts about having a baby lead to reflection on financial frustration, this can be a serious cause of childlessness.

In fact, how can one relax when work gives no guarantees? You are trying hard to arrange your life, but you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are too preoccupied with material problems and maybe one-sided relationships, fixated on what you do not have, for example, money, stability, any opportunities.

Following this logic, pregnancy becomes an adventure. So, if there is no baby, there will be no problems. A woman’s body can just turn off reproductive functions. It is important to understand that you can wait for better times forever, the ideal moment does not exist. The child does not need your money.

They need attention and love. By the way, opportunities for making money often appear after the birth of the offspring. We are learning to see the world in a new way and really motivated for success.

2. You Are Not Her Perfect Match

Common interests, domestic comfort, running a successful business with a partner is not yet an indication that the marriage will be harmonious. Even if you are an ideal partner who possesses the most outstanding qualities, this does not mean anything.

The subconscious sees much more and can affect the organs of reproduction. If there is no love between you, and she is guided by pure reason while she feels annoyance and contempt for you because she realizes that you are not her perfect match, then her body may block the reproduction program. These are the laws of nature.

3. You Do Not Have Time For A Family

Perhaps you are careerists who stay at work from morning to night or maybe you spend all your free time on your hobbies, creativity, friends, relatives. There is nothing wrong about it, just kids will never appear in a family that does not have a place for them, and where partners are overly absorbed in themselves.

The point is neither in the work schedule nor in the absence of free space. Just if your lifestyle shows a complete unwillingness to be a parent, and you are not ready to allow anyone to distract yourself from sports, paint on the ideal walls of the house or change your eating habits, then it means you are not ready to become parents.

4. You Are Afraid Of Parental Obligations

Another reason for infertility is an excess of fears and worries associated with parenthood. Perhaps your girlfriend is afraid of maternal obligations, that she will not cope with the child, lose her beauty and youth.

Or maybe she is tormented by the thought that you may have a mentally and physically disabled child. All this is of crucial importance. If she is afraid of cardinal changes, boredom related to childbirth, deprivation of former privileges, and freedoms – do not be surprised why she cannot get pregnant.

Besides, often women suppress the thought that if the partners leave, they will remain with the children without support. Such feelings kill hormones that are responsible for the conception and preservation of the fetus.

5. You Are Obsessed With This Idea

Have you ever noticed such an injustice: while someone can become pregnant at once, others invest all their strength and resources in this desire, but still do not achieve the result?

It would seem, where does such injustice come from? After all, you have been ready for a long time, read psychological literature, bought up all possible toys, and make love only in the most favorable poses for conception. You are waiting for this miracle. What is the matter? It is about excessive tension and obsession with the pregnancy. Pregnancy should not turn into an issue.

The process should give pleasure, a sense of calm joy, and not exhausting hard labor. Release the situation, relax, focus on other spheres of life. The child will come to you.

6. You Are In A Hurry

If you want to have a baby due to social demands, “It’s already high time,” “All friends have kids,” nothing will come out of it. Until you see the point in having a baby, you will not become parents.

And this should be something more than a desire to fill boredom or tie the knot. A child is not a safety ring. If you just want to play, brag, arrange a personal life, then nothing will work out.

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