The Famous Deep-Fried Foods Of Different Countries You May Want To Try At Home


It seems like we can deep fry almost anything edible nowadays. From breakfast down to dinner-time, light snacks, midnight snacks while having fun with family or friends, or even for any special occasions, deep-fried foods are the quickest and easy to prepare.

How Much Do You Know About Deep Frying?

Deep frying is a form of the cooking process in which foods are fully-immersed in hot fat such as cooking oil. It is usually done with a chipped pot or a deep fryer, for product reviews and product information, you may check it out at

And for industrial use, a press fryer or vacuum fryer is being used. Since no water is involved, deep frying is also known as the dry cooking process. The food is then quickly cooked due to the high temperature and high heat output of the oil.

Before clearing the contents of your fridge to make something to put on your table, we’ve put together brief information about interesting foods perfect for your deep-frying to-do-list. It includes lists of famous deep-fried foods from various countries which you might also want to try for your family. For recipes and how-to-cook, you may do a little research as it is not included in this post.

Here are the different types of deep-fried foods that are popular in their country of origin, well of course aside from the all-time favorite and the very popular deep-fried chicken and potato fries. Maybe you want to make something different for your kids and family to enjoy in your mealtime.

1. Deep-Fried Butter

Deep-fried butter is a butter snack, battered or breaded and then deep-fried. The dish is served at numerous events in the United States. It is also known as a fair-food favorite. During the Iowa State Fair 2011, a deep-fried butter version on the stick was first introduced, made of fried butter, dipped in a batter of honey-flavored cinnamon, deep-fried until brownish, and topped with the sugar glaze.

2. Maruya

The snack food is the version of banana-fritter in the Philippines. It consists of saba bananas. A thin-sliced and “fanned” banana that is rolled in batter and deep-fried then sprinkled with sugar to prepare the most popular version among Filipinos. Maruya is common as street food for it is a popular homemade snack for Filipinos.

3. Langos/Lalanga

Langos is a typical food served in every Hungarian, Greek, and Turkish cuisine, baked before a brick-fired oven. However, deep-freezing is the new version of Lalang. The langos dough consists of milk, water, meal, yeast, and salt. Lalang is popular in Eastern European countries as part of fast food at fairs and amusement parks.

4. Puri

Puris are most commonly served as breakfast and snacks in the Indian subcontinent. It’s a deep-fat fried bread made from whole-wheat flour eaten with savory surrey or with sweet dishes.

5. Taro Dumpling

It is a typical dish in dim sum restaurants in Hongkong and any part of the world where Chinatown exists. The outer portion is composed of a thick layer of the taro that’s boiled and ground. The filling is made of cooked ground pork. The dumpling is deeply fried, and the outer layer of taro becomes crispy, light, and fluffy.

6. Camote Cue

Camote cue is another popular snack food from the Philippines. Made from sweet potatoes, sliced and battered with brown sugar, and then fried to cook and caramelize. It is best served with bamboo sticks.

7. Karaage

Karaage is a Japanese cooking technique in which various foods are deep-fried, usually chicken but also good for other meat and fish. The method is to lightly coat small chunks of meat or fish with flour or potato or corn starch and to fry in light oil. Marinate first before coating then deep-fry. It is more fantastic with rice and shredded cabbage.

Other Recommendations Are:

  • Corn dog in American cuisine
  • Emping Indonesian chips
  • Kuli-kuli a Western African snack
  • Kokis a deep-fried Sri Lankan food
  • Luchi from Bangladesh
  • Special: Buffalo chicken wrap


There you have the lists of famous foods of various countries. To help you achieve the correct cooking procedure, you may search for it on the internet. It is maybe time to experience different types of delicacies other than the typical snacks or meals that we always have on our tables.

Isn’t it fun and exciting? Try them and enjoy!


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