The Different Types of Burgers: A Basic Guide


A burger – it’s one of life’s greatest small pleasures.

The humble burger has origins going back to the 19th century, when beef from cows in Hamburg, Germany were minced and mixed with onion and spices to create something called a Hamburg steak. Later, someone added two pieces of bread, and the burger was born!

Today, hamburgers are popular all over the world, with many different types of burgers to be found. Do you have a favorite?

If you’re ready to learn more about burgers, here are some of the best types to try.

Classic Cheeseburger

If you’re a burger purist, you probably go for a basic hamburger or cheeseburger. Nothing wrong with that – they’re delicious!

With or without cheese, your classic burger probably contains a beef patty, ketchup, tomato, pickles, and lettuce. You can get creative though, adding anything from beetroot to mayonnaise.

It’s easy to make burgers yourself at home, or you’ll find no shortage of restaurants who specialize in this all-American favorite.

Chicken Burger

For a twist, make yours a chicken burger! It’s just like a normal burger but made from chicken instead of beef.

A chicken burger is usually made with a piece of grilled chicken breast or chicken that has been battered and fried. Both are tasty, but the grilled option is the slightly healthier choice.

Chicken burgers are popular with cheese, BBQ sauce, ranch, or chipotle mayo – just about anything goes well with chicken.

Something for the Veggie Lovers

If meat isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of burger options for you. Veggie burgers are very common and are a top choice when you prefer to go meat-free.

Veggie burgers tend to be made of soy, beans, veggies, mushrooms, and grains. If done well, they are incredibly tasty.

Impossible burgers are also becoming increasingly popular, which are a type of veggie burger created to taste and feel exactly like a real hamburger.

An Exotic Twist on the Burger

With so many kinds of burgers, you may think you’ve tried them all – but have you tried ostrich burgers? Ostrich is a popular meat in South Africa, but it’s taking off in the US now too, thanks to its great taste and lower amounts of saturated fat.

For something different, grill up some ostrich patties for your next backyard BBQ! For more exotic burgers options, you may want to also try buffalo meat or alligator.

With So Many Different Types of Burgers, Which Is Your Favorite?

If reading this has made you hungry, it’s time to dig into a delicious burger. Have you tried out all of the different types of burgers above?

With so many yummy burger types, why not try making a new type of burger this weekend and see what you think. While everyone tends to have a favorite type of burger, there’s always fun in trying out new recipes and techniques.

Get started today and make your next burger night a special one!

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