Sometimes I just don’t wanna adult.

I find it pretty funny that the world ‘adult’ has now become a verb. I give the credit to Kelly Williams Brown who literally wrote the book on Adulting.

Anyway, sometimes I just can’t make myself adult, no matter how much I know I need to. And so when Nina from The Grand Adventures of Me said she was doing a link up all about this very topic, I KNEW I had to join in.

So here are some occasions when I just can’t adult. Because sometimes I just don’t wanna.


  • When I have a gigantic pile of laundry to wash but I would way rather watch the Angels game instead and then my laundry piles up and suddenly I have no clean clothes at all and I’m literally smelling things to decide if they are too funky to wear.
  • When I finally get around to doing said laundry, but don’t feel like folding it and it sits there gradually becoming a smaller pile as I wear things and relocate them to the hamper.
  • When I get home from a long day and just want to eat ice cream for dinner.
  • When I have a lot of work to do, but really just want to read blogs all day. Not that I ever actually do that…
  • When I need to get up and go to work, but I’m tired so I hit the snooze and show up late.
  • When I should really go to the gym/eat my vegetables/cook dinner instead of going out, but then I jump on Facebook really quick and suddenly my whole evening is gone.
  • When I should really clean out the back of my car, but I “forget” and promise myself to do it “later.”
  • When I should get my oil changed and then I just don’t.
  • When I should do a million and one other things, but instead I write a post about all the times I just don’t want to adult.

When are some times YOU don’t wanna adult?


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