Refresh Your Mind with Ginkgo Biloba


If you happen to forget some information, stop in the middle of a sentence, or cannot remember something important to you, these are clear signs that your brain needs rest and better nourishment.

Forgetfulness can happen to anyone and is generally harmless (unless it happens too often – then be sure to visit a neurologist), but sometimes it can get on your nerves.

Dietary supplements contain necessary nutrients that will nourish the brain by improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cerebrum tissue.

In this way, they help maintain mental freshness, boost your focus and memory, as well as the ability to learn. In the long run, using natural ingredients such as ginkgo biloba prevents the loss of nerve cells and helps maintain cognitive function.

Importance of Oxygen for Brain

Most of the oxygen in your body is used for the proper functioning of the nervous system. The oxygen is the primary brain food. And given that this organ works all the time, it is clear that it continually needs the optimal amounts of this vital element.

Since oxygen is delivered through the blood, good circulation is a prerequisite for a healthy brain and its proper functioning. Due to the reduced blood flow through the brain structures, not enough oxygen reaches the nerve cells. It means that they don’t get enough food and energy to function correctly.

The human brain is susceptible to a lack of oxygen. This condition is known as hypoxia. After only a few minutes without oxygen, a large number of nerve cells die. As brain tissue can’t regenerate, this will result in irreparable damage to the nervous system, and eventually, death.

Ischemia Causes Hypoxia

A blood flow disorder known as ischemia prevents oxygen from the blood to be delivered evenly through the body. The triggers of this condition can be reduced heart rate, blockage of the arteries, as well as narrowing of blood vessels.

Different areas of your body may suffer from ischemia (as seen on this link), but the brain is especially vulnerable to lack of oxygen.

Depending on which area of ​​this vital organ is affected, and how severe ischemia is, this condition can cause various problems.

In milder forms of this condition, symptoms such as dizziness, depression, constant tinnitus, and shorter memory loss appear. With severe ischemia, people can suffer dementia, cerebral edema, but also a stroke, which is a common cause of death in the developed world.

Ginkgo to the Rescue

If you notice that you’re forgetful from time to time, you probably won’t need conventional therapy. It has been proven that some traditional drugs can even have an adverse effect on your memory, perhaps due to synthetic ingredients. Therefore, you should look for the solution in natural form.

Alternative medicine recommends ginkgo biloba for people who have problems with short-term memory and focus.

The research shows that this plant dates from hundreds of millions of years ago. It survived many challenges and didn’t change much over time, which is a phenomenon.

Chinese medicine is using ginkgo for millennia as a successful treatment for circulation disorders and memory issues.

Nowadays, ginkgo-based supplements have the same purpose in traditional medicine. Reduced blood flow and cognitive issues are closely related. Poor circulation affects the transfer of nutrients through the body (and therefore, oxygen to the brain).

Boosting Blood Flow

Numerous environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation, soil, water, and air pollution, increase the number of free radicals. They travel through the body and damage the blood vessels. And when that happens, blood flow problems also arise.

Ginkgo leaves contain flavonoids and terpenes, and their role is to prevent the molecular damage on vessels caused by harmful free radicals. Besides, ginkgo extract also has a potent antioxidant effect, which significantly reduces the oxidation of fat in the blood vessels.

Other benefits of this plant see below:

The brain is a complex ‘machine,’ and it suffers a lot of pressure every day. In the face of daily stress, processing information, and ‘managing’ your body and mind, it’s no wonder why this organ sometimes fails.

Natural supplements like ginkgo biloba help your brain to resist daily challenges and keep its functionality and vitality, even in later years.


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