Online Marketing 4.0 – Some Vital Notes


Online Marketing 4.0 is no stranger to us. Today, its power greatly affects the profits as well as the revenue of companies, businesses, and corporations.

You want to get rich from Online Marketing 4.0 technology. Then I can not miss this article. Find out the easiest and most profitable methods with Online Marketing 4.0.

What is Online Marketing? 

Online Marketing is understood as applying technology, computer networks, electronic devices, and devices to business, sales, market research, product development, or planning marketing tactics.

The ultimate goal of Online Marketing is to help customers get closer to targeted products and services. Besides, with its assistance, customers can approach businesses and manufacturers in the fastest and most effective way.

Types of Online Marketing

Online Marketing Website

First you need to create a website, with content introducing the company, product, or service, receiving customer opinions, and so on. For customers, this represents your company on the internet, and plays as a bridge between them and you.

To get the most out of online marketing, you can place your information ads on other websites with large traffic volume to attract customers to view product information on your website.

Social Network

Advertising on virtual social networks has already become a hot trend in Online Marketing. With the popularity of these platforms, no doubt that they have become gatherings of businesses that want to reach out to their target customers. Just look at your Instagram and see for yourself. One swipe only and you have already seen tons of sponsored posts.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine Marketing (SEM) includes 2 ways: Adwords and SEO. Adwords is a form of buying keyword advertising on the search engine. Your advertising content will appear when someone searches for the keywords you sign up for. In return, you will pay the provider fee.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a form of keyword optimization of the website for search engines to be at the top of the user’s search results. You can either do SEO yourself or hire an SEO.

Both of these two forms increase the visits of users to your website with content they are interested in. If the amount of traffic to the website increases, the potential customers will also be higher. Nowadays, SEM is a very valuable form of advertising on the internet along with advertising on social networks.

Marketing via Email

You can rent or buy bulk email software with a mailing list attached. Sending advertising mail to multiple addresses can be considered spam and illegal, but still many companies use this form of advertising because so far, it is considered as the fastest way to get someone to notice their work.

Viral Marketing

This is a form of creating activities, programs or links in online communities such as forums, social networks, blogs, etc., not out of the goal of introducing the company’s products and services to consumers. use. The characteristic of this form is to create a viral or word-of-mouth effect of netizens about the company’s products or services.

Mobile Marketing

This is a new form of advertising in an effective Online Marketing campaign today. It is possible to use the mass messaging switchboard, using the number number combined with the game to cause curiosity to customers. 

And of course, there has been an explosion in the number of companies running this service. For example, there exists the Robotics PR Company, the expert in several marketing aspects that offers its clients flawless mobile marketing results.

In a nutshell

Technology era 4.0, family members are all holding smartphones in hand. Community access to information and products and services speed faster than ever.

Therefore, you should take advantage of this advantage to create material wealth and profits. Try to find yourself the most suitable channel among the channels mentioned above to keep up with the Online Marketing 4.0 trend.


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