Myths and Misconceptions of Anabolic Steroid Drugs


At some point when grown up, most of us always wished to become at least bigger, stronger or faster. This was largely attributed to how the alpha male well-being depicted and displayed in different forms of media.

This made most of us, especially the young boys, admire them and therefore, start looking for ways to achieve such physic. Since it is always human nature to look for shortcuts, steroids were introduced.

However, with a lot of misuse going on, the drugs started to receive a bad reputation within the media and various public forums. For this reason, a lot of myths and misconceptions have been formed around anabolic steroids.

Without wasting much time, let us look at some myths that have been going around about these substances. You can also find more information from a trusted source online or any other medical platform.

1. Decreasing Endurance

On the contrary, using anabolic steroids can increase your endurance. This is done by increasing the production of red blood cells. For athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, red blood cells often play an important role when it comes to endurance.

They are known for transporting oxygen to various body parts including tissues and muscles. This in turn can increase your rate of Endurance and therefore give you the ability to perform a vigorous exercise or do hard work for long hours.

This is what is often known as blood doping, which is an illegal practice. Practically, it is just an act of increasing the number of these red blood cells in your bloodstream.

You can however, conduct your training sessions in high altitude areas for several weeks as this can also increase the production of red blood cells.

2. Women will look like men

Well, its true women use steroids too regardless of whether they are body builders, athletes or even for recreational purposes. However, just like their male counterparts they can also choose the types of drugs they want to use.

Of course, if you use certain types of drug misappropriately, you are going to suffer some effects. Women on steroids might suffer more side effects as compared to their male counterparts by way of voice deepening, clitoral enlargement and you might also start experiencing hair growth in unwanted areas.

These conditions are however, reversible at the end of the cycle and you will still look like a woman.

3. Steroids are a quick fix

Do not be fooled. Steroids aren’t actually a quick fix. In real sense, you will actually need to put in a lot of work to finally get the full benefits of using anabolic steroids. The process often includes a lot of intense training and a strict dieting routine.

Truth of the matter is, people shouldn’t think that steroids are some form of magic pills that will instantly give you that defined, athletic body you are looking for. There are a lot of things that are usually involved.

For instance, you need to watch what you eat since I healthy diet is one of the components required about steroids to work effectively. You will also need to ensure you’re having enough sleep, 8 hours as recommended by medical practitioners.

This will give your body enough time to rest and recover from the intense training you’ve been having. If steroids were a quick fix as thought by most people, everyone would be in great body shape, trust me. See this link for more on anabolic steroids

4. Steroids damages the liver

Surprisingly, some steroid users also help in spreading this myth. Most of them prefer using the injection method rather than taking the drugs orally. This is because it is thought that steroids can damage the liver when taken orally.

Well, this is not the case with all anabolic steroid drugs. It might be true in some cases, but only when there is excessive use of the substance. If steroids are bad for the liver then what about alcohol?

There are also a lot of prescription drugs that can have negative impacts on the liver and yet they are considered to be legal. The stigma only exists about steroids because the society has chosen to look down on the people using them.

If they are that bad then the same stigma should exist for other prescription drugs and alcohol as well.

Causes depression

For all the stories that have been going around about steroids, perhaps this is the most circulated myth.

Through the help of various  different media platforms, a lot of wrong information has been shared and for this reason a lot of people are being misinformed. Several reports linking steroids with depression always come out to be purely unreliable.

In fact, you will find that most patients had suffered previous mental issues in most cases. Contrary to this, studies have shown that an increase in testosterone levels can also improve a person’s mood and therefore decreases stress. Click here to see some benefits of these substances.


If you have been quite observative, you will notice that people always fear what they don’t understand. When this happens, certain stories will crop up and people will start having different versions of their own. If you are planning to start using steroids, it is better to take some time and do your research first. This way, you will know the type that is good for you and her you need to use it. also make sure to consult adaptor or any medical expert about it.You also need to know that too much of something is always dangerous and therefore stick to the prescribed dose.


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