Liquid Gold: Health Benefits of Argan Oil

Liquid Gold Health Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil has been used as a ingredient in Moroccon cooking for centuries. The oil, dubbed “liquid gold,” possesses many compoundsthat benefit a person’s overall health.

The benefits include adding strength and body to hair, protection against skin damage, a healthy heart and eyes, lowering cholestral, helping with weight loss and managing blood-sugar levels.

Its Essential Nutrients

Argan oil is composed of fatty acids and a variety of phenolic compounds. The majority of its fat content comes from oleic and linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is rich in omega-6.

Oleic acid, another healthy fat, makes up between 43 to 49 per cent of the fatty acid composition of argan oil.

One reason why argan oil is popular in skincare products is because it is rich in vitamin E, which helps maintain healthy skin, hair and eyes.

Vitamin E possesses powerful antioxidant properties that reduce free radicals. If unchecked, free radicals can increase the chances of heart disease, cancer and speed up aging.

Other compounds found in argan oil include CoQ10, which is used by cells for growth and maintenance, melatonin for regulating your wake and sleep cycle, and plant sterols that lower cholestral.

The Boost To Health

Oleic and linoleic acid in argan oils are good for the heart because they increase the antioxidant levels in the blood.

Oleic acid is rich in monounsaturated, omega-9 fat. Several foods, such as avocado, olive oil and nuts that are known to have heart-protective effects also have oleic acid. A higher intake of argan oil is also associated with lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Aside from boosting the heart’s overall health, some studies found argan oil to benefit people living with diabetes. Recent studies show that the antioxidant content of argan oil was found to significantly reduce the blood sugar and insulin resistance levels in mice.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Argan oil assists better digestion and lower cholesterol levels. If incorporated into a healthy and balanced diet, it helps reduce the metabolic effects of obesity.

Studies suggest that argan oil lowers plasma antioxidant capacity and reduces the activity of fat-building enzymes. Argan oil is also found to be a rich protein source, which helps burn fats in the body.

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Improves Skin And Hair Condition

Argan oil helps slow down the aging process by increasing the antioxidant level of the skin. It also reduces skin inflammation and oxidative stress. It maintains healthy skin and supports the repair of skin damage, reducing the visible signs of aging.

The oleic and linoleic acids in argan oil are vital nutrients for hair strength and beauty. They help protect hair against dryness to retain its moisture and shine. Argan oil has the same effect on your hair as other oils such as moringa, as it helps prevent hair loss and reduce split ends and other types of damage.

Argan oil has been used for many years in both food and cosmetics. It is rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Research is slowly revealing how argan oil exactly helps our health, but many people who use the oil already approve of its health qualities.


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