Learning A Few Interesting Things About Chair Massage


Chair massage is not a very new phenomenon. This practice has been there since the 1980s.

The only difference is that it started garnering attention and positive responses only recently. However, since not many people are aware of this unique technique, it makes sense to gain some knowledge about it so that when you sign up for this program for you and your people, you approach it with practical expectations. So, here is all the necessary information that you may want to know.

What Is A Chair Massage?

Mass Mobile corporate chair massage or chair massage is a massage technique that happens on a traditional massage chair. The person sits in the chair facing its back, which also features a resting place for the face.

When he or she leans towards the chair, the individual’s spine becomes free, providing easy access to the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and back. In this therapy, you don’t have to remove your clothes.

It also doesn’t include the use of oil or cream. Due to its convenient format, it has grown to be an amazing mobile service. You can arrange for this service anywhere, including workplace, exhibitions, trade shows, and so on.

A therapist attends one person for about 10 to 30 minutes, ensuring he or she gets the optimum benefit of it in less time and with no loss of productive hours.

Some professionals use acupressure, head massage, and other such well-known methods to offer relief to tensed muscles and nerves. The only equipment required in this process is the massage chair—the rest of the things a masseur does.

If you want any particular area of your body to be taken care of, then inform your therapist before he or she begins this treatment. It will be helpful for both of you. You will be able to focus on relaxation, and the therapist will work on the area where it hurts you most.

In this context, it is essential to be aware that the person may not attend to the body part that suffered an injury as a precaution.

How Did Chair Massage Come Into Being?

David Palmer is the pioneer of this modern technique. According to him, chair massage would spread everywhere and become easily accessible, just like a haircut service.

Although you don’t see this so frequently, the massage chair is on the growing spree. The father of this unique equipment had also predicted that this would be a common feature in airports and shopping centers.

While there is still some time for it to happen in a full-blown way, mobile massage has occupied a special place in the office environment. The organizations opt for this for its revitalizing and relaxing properties. In the corporate and local events during marketing promotions or weddings, people call for this service for some pampering.

If you feel your employees need relaxation and relief from stress, you should consider choosing this fantastic therapy.

It can yield incredible physical, mental, and emotional effects. Over some time, you can notice a difference in your office environment and the energy levels of your people.


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