Kratom And Weightloss – Can Kratom Help You Lose Weight?


Kratom has been making rounds throughout the market for its alleged benefits against pain, depression, anxiety, and even opioid dependence. And while all of these reasons prove to be viable for taking kratom, new science is telling us that there might be a little more to kratom than we first believed.

Today, many of those who manufacture and sell kratom claim that the herb can actually help reduce weight. With strong anecdotal evidence support the leaves’ weight management properties, it’s hard not to ask – can kratom help you lose weight?

How Does Kratom Work?

As early as the 19th century, kratom has been used for its benefits against pain. Locals of Southeast Asia where kratom grows natively typically chew on the leaves to experience its benefits, or steep them in hot water to create tea. These herbal remedies have been used in folk traditions for centuries, making the kratom plant popular as an alternative to pain medication.

Presently, kratom is used for the same purpose. Its strong pain relieving benefits are almost as potent as that of opioids, working on the same receptors that pain killers interact with. This allows the kratom leaves to work like an analgesic, numbing the system against pain.

On its own, kratom is rich in alkaloids which are naturally occurring compounds. Some studies suggest that these alkaloids are actually closely connected to the burning of fat cells, which is why many weight loss products today incorporate alkaloids to boost their effects.

Of course, kratom isn’t exactly developed or even marketed for weight loss because most of its benefits focus on pain, anxiety, depression, and opiate withdrawal. Nonetheless, many have started using kratom in the hope of shedding off a few extra pounds. The only question is – does it work?

How Kratom Can Help with Fat Loss

As of writing, there aren’t a lot of studies that support the benefit of kratom’s alkaloid content when it comes to losing fat. However kratom like the one from The Golden Monk has been known to produce a flurry of effects that can help with the entire weight loss process. These effects don’t typically take center stage when talking about kratom benefits, but together, they can work with your weight loss program to speed up your results.

  1. Increased Energy Levels – In smaller doses, kratom acts as a stimulant. This means that it can wake up the system and encourage more activity by boosting your energy levels and making you feel more capable of movement and physical activity.

This can indirectly assist in the weight loss process by providing you a little extra vigor and strength to support you through exercise routines and workouts at the gym. Kratom has also been found to improve blood circulation and thus oxygen saturation, which can improve your endurance and stamina during a workout.

  1. Anxiety Relief – Studies have found that people who feel more stressed and anxious are more likely to indulge in poor dietary habits. That’s why it’s also easier to gain weight than lose it when you’re feeling overburdened with thoughts and emotions.

Taking regular doses of kratom can help you calm down and relieve you of stress, tension, and anxiety. In doing so, you can put things into perspective and develop a healthier meal and exercise plan without the looming challenge of anxiety or stress throwing you off track.

  1. Appetite Suppressant – There are certain strains of kratom that have been found to suppress the appetite, but it seems the effects vary from person to person. That said, it helps to explore your options so you can find a strain that works to tone down your hunger.

Using the right vein of kratom can produce a similar effect to opiates in which users experience a suppressed appetite. This won’t only help you keep a lid on your caloric intake but also provides a healthier alternative to synthetic suppressants that are typically known to cause a variety of side effects.

  1. Enhanced Mood and Disposition – One of the reasons why it’s so hard to lose weight is because it can be tough to find the motivation to do so. Fortunately, kratom can help improve your mood and disposition to make you feel more prepared and willing to push through with your exercise routine.

Working against cognitive distress like depression and lowered mood, kratom in smaller doses can stimulate a more positive outlook and disposition. When you feel more upbeat and pleasant, it becomes easier to find the motivation to move and engage in physical activity to support a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Pain Relief – Kratom is a powerful analgesic that’s known to numb down all sorts and sources of pain. In fact, the natural remedy is most popular for its pain relieving benefits which is the reason why more than 80% of buyers use it in the first place.

That said, any sort of discomfort can be a hindrance towards an active lifestyle. By taking low doses of kratom, you can relieve pain, discomfort, and soreness so you can engage in sports and other physical activities with more confidence and energy.

How Much Kratom to Lose Weight?

When dosing your kratom, it’s important to remember that it’s possible to develop a dependence when you take much more than necessary. So taking the necessary care in calculating your threshold should help prevent this unwanted circumstance.

For those hoping to lose weight with kratom, experts recommend a starting dose of just 1g and the working up from there. It should be safe to stop the increase when you start to notice the palpable effects of kratom like pain relief, calm, and a slight sedated feel without being overpowered.

It also helps to know that weight loss hopefuls are discouraged from taking too many doses of the substance in a single day. One dose every 12 hours should be more than enough to support your weight loss effort and provide you noticeable results after a few weeks. To keep it safe, you might want to opt for kratom capsules with pre-measured doses for easier use.

The Bottom Line on Kratom for Weightloss

While kratom might not be able to melt your fat away directly, it does offer quite a few benefits that support weight loss efforts. So if you were hoping to shave off a few pounds with the help of kratom, it could be possible. Keep in mind however that it’s not an absolute, miracle solution – you’re still going to have to put your work in. But with the right effort and enough time, you should start seeing results with your kratom-supported weight loss routine.


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