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Kinesiology is a modality that integrates the body, mind, and medicine. One concentration is to balance overall stress response through the use of a combination of interventions with the mind harmonizing the body, and the body harmonizing the mind.

Kinesiology incorporates muscle testing as a means to determine what the underlying stress which has the potential of being either conscious or unconscious.

In using a professional in kinesiology,, you have the benefit of an expansion of various strategies, tools, and techniques that will assist in eradicating the source for the distress or finding healthy ways to avoid the triggers.

In this way, you can implement changes within your energy and to your mindset to accomplish what is best for your well-being. For instance, you can detect and control what’s happening around you in new and better ways.

Using Kinesiology For Nervous System Balance and Overall Stress Response

Through the use of kinesiology, the nervous system becomes balanced. In doing so, the fight-flight reflex remains stable against reactions from self or others as it pertains to the things that are happening currently or in the past or will happen in the future.

The primary benefit is its access to stress, which is beyond your awareness. The level of advantages will depend on the level of stress, medical history, state of health as well as presence. The unconscious things have an uncanny way of determining our behavior patterns and the habits that we carry.

Each balance enables more inner resources to be prevalent and available within the present. You can then meet existing demands with strong will power and renewed energy, decrease the chances that you’ll go into a sense of despair or become overwhelmed, and can solve issues. The therapy has many facets aside from assisting with stresses, read here to learn all that it is.

Symptoms When You Lack Balance

Without kinesiology providing inner balance within the body or homeostasis, there is a multitude of symptoms that can develop as a result:

  • Digestive reactions including constipation, reflux, nausea, diarrhea
  • Heart races
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue/lack of energy
  • Decrease in libido
  • Muscle tension or aches, pains, slow heals
  • Headache
  • Difficulty with becoming or staying pregnant
  • Sleep disturbances/insomnia
  • Weight stability/metabolism
  • Weak immunity system
  • Grinding jaw or issues with TMJ

These symptoms can culminate to a point where they accumulate into the depletion of the body’s energy, overall negative mood, and an ongoing tension that can affect you in your personal life and professionally.

Kinesiology muscle testing can free up this tension and restore more energy and resources back into the body, which in turn gives the body and mind the tools they need to activate innate healing of their own, something that’s not available when exhausted or depleted.

The technique and maneuvers not only re harmonize the flow, but you will have improved the biological energy produced.

Stress, Anxiety, And Kinesiology

Stress and anxiety are very closely related in that the stress response is involved in anxiety, and we all feel especially anxious when stressed, particularly with ineffective stress management.

Incorporate into that depression and negative mood because, after a prolonged period of experiencing stress and anxiety, life is not enjoyable. Excessive stress for a long duration has the potential to deplete the body state of health and the mind.

There is an overall reduction in resilience, a sense of exhaustion, being run down, and an inability to manage or adapt to the ongoing stressors or any changes happening in life.

Once this stage has been reached, there is a need to find homeostasis within our nervous system and brain so that the stress can be eradicated and replaced with clarity, health, and confidence. It’s vital to determine the state of tension with mental health so that wellness can be returned faster, and strategies can be implemented to address long-term solutions for permanent changes.

In using kinesiology, the goal is to bring back that inner balance allowing for the potential for transformation and opportunities for new options through useful tools and techniques that encourage stress management.

The consequences of various adverse mood disorders, stressors, anxiety that are left unchecked can be detrimental. Kinesiology supports bringing a comprehension of the reason for the feelings.

It encourages the development of permanent changes more than merely managing the distress or staying away from the multitude of triggers for your stress.

It allows you to not only effectively recognize the stress. Still, it provides the strategies, skills, tools, techniques through kinesiology to dissolve the emotion and any threat but not merely open the wounds or trauma by discussing it.

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Accessing the Kinesiology method of treatment for what is throwing your system out of balance can be very useful and powerful.

Once the distress has been dissolved through the various tools and techniques as opposed to just describing it, you no longer need to manage it or try to avoid the many triggers merely.

Avoidance is very restricting, limiting, and disempowering without solving any underlying issues and can perhaps lead to feeling worse. Eradicating the distress and incorporating the skills to where you can learn to heal will prevent any interference in your life, including your overall health, career, relationships, and your energetic level.

Transforming mood and regaining inner balance is only one small aspect of how the therapy can benefit the body.


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