How To Stay Active During This Pandemic


“I’m bored in the house, what can I do?”

We are used to staying active from the overloaded office works and projects. So when the world shuts down the activities from the outside, we easily get bored staying at home. The fact that staying active, either physically or mentally is important to our health.

Now, let me show you how to stay active at home that is fun and engaging both mentally and physically.

For The Young Parents

1. Bring Back The Hide N Seek

We have heard of cases such as suicide due to depression and peer-pressure. Expert says that the common reason why kids feel the need to end life is because they never felt they belong to a family.

The best way to express love is time as they say. This pandemic has given us the chance not just to check how our kids doing in school, or if they are getting A’s, but to give them time to play with us—an opportunity that was taken away when we focus too much on work when everything was normal.

Does the 21st children aka Generation-Z knows how to play the famous hide and seek?

Maybe you are a young parent or a sibling of someone from this generation. This is the best time to help them build an amazing childhood like we used to have.

2. Cleaning Is Teaching

Most complaints we have heard from the older generation is that the younger generation does not know how to clean their stuff, nor lift a finger to clean the dishes or wash clothes.

A legendary guru once said that discipline is the highest form of self-love.

As much as we want to give our children the time for themselves, it is our duty to teach them how to be independent with the basic household chores.

This is the best time to teach your children on how to use clean their dishes after a meal, how to use heated clothes airer when washing their clothes, and how to clean or organize their room.

As they are not used to the task, you could do the chores together to be an example of a disciplined adult.

For the Everyone

1. Invention is a form of Exercise too

Physical fitness does not always mean you have to lift dumbbells, do sit-ups push-ups, etc. You can be as able-bodied just like someone who goes to the gym even by performing daily domestic chores like cleaning the house, gardening, doing repairs-stuff, DIY projects, and other similar routines. It helps your body parts to perform its function.

2. Exercise is Self-Love too

When was the last time that you have taken care of your physique?

It is no secret that way back before this pandemic, we often take care of our body due to heavy workload from the office or there is too much distraction such as peer and technology.

When you are at home, you can definitely get in shape by spending 20 to 30 minutes a day to exercise. There are simply exercises that you can execute such as:

Jog in place, push-ups, curl-ups, regular jumping jacks, or you could watch videos online that you can follow easily—this has been the new trend since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Final Phrases:

Staying active during this pandemic is a choice. We could think that we have nothing to do because we are not used to it, or get up and check what options we have. This is important because the lack of activities is not beneficial for our health, physically and mentally.

I remember when Simon Sinek said in an interview that innovation starts when letting our mind wander around. It is when we check on our surroundings and see something, and then think that we could do better if it is us doing the task.

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