How To Make Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser
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Making an essential oil diffuser is a rather important undertaking. This is especially given the fact that we would always wish to have that sweet aromatic mist within our surrounding. Many are the times when the costs of the diverse mist diffusers scare us away.

All is not lost, the innovative mind needs to be put into action and the question is how? When we look at the how aspect of diffuser making, we would probably not be talking of the diverse artificial diffusers we have in the market, but the simple homemade diffusers whose use have come of age.

There are several diffusers which have come about to be used with the diverse essential oils depending on an individual’s taste. Some of the few diffusers which can be made within short notices are;

 The candle heat diffusers.
 The tissue diffusers.
 The reed diffusers.
 the clay pot diffusers.

How To Make Candle Heat Diffusers

As a source of flame, the candle is a common feature in most homes. Candle light is synonymous in giving the room some aesthetic taste, especially when the mood to be is meant to be of religious or romantic nature.

For their nature, candles emit heat when the wick within the wax is lit. You can as well make the homemade candle with the diverse aromatic tastes you need within it by just mixing the oil with the wax. But this is not the best because the aromatic tastes vary from person to person.

The best way is then to light the candle and let the wax melt before it is dapped with an amount of essential oil. The heat is then allowed to break the oil and mist it into the room. Most of the oils used are heat based and so there is usually the risk of flammability in spite of the small amount of heat involved.

How To Make The Tissue Essential Oil Diffusers

The simplest diffuser to make of all is the tissue diffuser. Tissues are known for their thin membrane like formations with good absorbance and ease of soaking. One then only needs an essential oil of his taste to be able to make this diffuser.

Soaking the tissue and placing it at a strategic point is enough to make the aroma diffuse through air to the whole room as may be needed. Some cotton materials have also been used in the place of tissues.

How To Make The Reed Essential Oil Diffusers

They have come out as the cheapest yet efficient alternative to the artificially made diffusers. They are simple yet serve the purpose even better. The papyrus reed plant has some thin films which are known to encourage great amounts of diffusion.
What one needs is a bottle of essential oil and reeds stick twice the bottle length.

This ratio creates a good balance in the course of diffusion. The reed stick is then stuck on the mouth of the essential oil laden bottle and tilted or just tipped a little bit to encourage the oil to move to the reed.

When placed at a certain point of the room, the reed diffuser has the potential of just spreading the aroma in the room, for as long as the user needs. The only thing which may happen is the replacement of the reed sticks. This is usually because of the ease of saturation of the reed unlike the oil which may not vaporize as fast.

How To Make Clay Pot Essential Oil Diffusers

The use of clay either as vases in the house is common. With this, porous clay pots are used. The choice of the essential oil to be used is dependent on the taste of the user. This is then added into the clay and left to diffuse slowly.


Though most of the modern diffusers are bought, there are other forms of simple essential oil diffusers which can be made at home to serve the purpose of giving the room that aroma therapeutic taste. For instance, the use of old plastic vases as diffusers has also been noted in some areas. It all depends on your taste.


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