How to Lose Weight Fast With Coconut Oil


When you add this oil to your diet, you will lose weight fast plus dangerous fat in the abdominal cavity. Coconut oil is very different from others on the menu. While many foods have long-chain fatty acids, this oil has medium-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids get metabolized differently from the rest.

They go to the liver directly from your digestive tract to turn into ketone bodies or get used for energy immediately. Epileptic patients use these fats to increase ketone levels while allowing for additional carbs in their diet.

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Eat one Spoonful a Day

The most vital aspect to remember while using coconut oil is moderation. This oil helps curb appetite, but it does not mean coconut oil does not have its calories. Just like other oils, it has saturated fats. Begin by consuming one spoonful daily.

You may feel some queasiness at the start, but you will have to ease the body into it. By the end of the period of adjustment, you will have to make sure that the intake remains at a maximum of three spoons per day.

Add in hot tea or water

Are you looking for a seamless method to ingest coconut oil? You can try to add it to herbal tea or hot water in the morning. Initially, coconut is solid but will melt in the drink as you continue to stir. If cooking with it is quite intimidating, it may be a secure method of adding it to the diet.

Use coconut oil in the place of cooking oils

If consuming a spoonful sounds quite intense, employ it as cooking oil. You can use it in the place of olive oil or butter in favoured recipes like desserts or smoothies.

Take it twenty minutes to mealtimes

By nature, coconut oil inhibits appetite; which is a reason enough when you want to lose weight fast. Scientists appeal to it as a medium-chain triglyceride. This fatty acid decreases body fat accumulation and suppresses appetite. This one is the most appropriate way to use coconut to lose weight fast.

How can this oil boost your metabolism? 

Different macronutrients and foods go through diverse pathways of metabolism. Different foods have huge effects on metabolic health and hormones in the body. The efficiency of metabolic paths varies, and some foods need more energy to metabolize and digest.

The valuable coconut oil property is “thermogenism”. Eating it will increase the expenditure of energy as compared to similar calories amounts from other fats.

Medium-chain fats increase the expenditure of energy by five percent. When you replace your fats with coconut oil, you burn more calories and start to lose weight fast. Calories from coconut oil are not similar to calories from butter or olive oil.

Medium-chain triglycerides will boost metabolism and increase energy expenditure. It will also reduce your appetite that will make you eat less. Although you may think that it is a drastic oversimplification, it is true.

If the body burns more calories than the ones coming in, you will begin to lose weight fast. Although you indeed need calorie deficiency to lose weight, it is not needless to count calories.

Humans can remain healthy and lean naturally. Anything that can reduce appetite will make you eat fewer calories without thinking about it. Coconut oil has the same effect. You will feel fuller and reduce your calorie intake automatically.

This might relate to the metabolism of fats. Ketone bodies indeed have powerful appetite reduction effects. It works regardless of the metabolism. Therefore, coconut oil boosts fat burning and reduces appetite that increases the intake of calories.

The truth is that many individuals that add medium-chain fatty acids into their diets reduce their appetite and begin eating fewer calories automatically.

Coconut oil helps reduce dangerous abdominal fat

If coconut oil boosts metabolism and reduces appetite, it has to help you lose fat in the long run. Many studies are for this aspect. In a study, forty women were offered thirty grams of soybean oil or coconut oil for twenty-eight days. They were told to walk every day and eat fewer calories. Both of them lost two pounds.

In both cases, only people using coconut oil realized a decrease in the waist circumference. The group using soybean oil realized a slight increase in their belly fat.

The group using coconut oil increased good cholesterol levels, while the ones using soybean oil experienced increases bad cholesterol levels.

Here, the coconut oil did not lead to an overall loss of weight as compared to soybean oil but led to reduced belly fat.

In a similar study carried out in men, there was a reduced circumference of the waist by three centimetres. In other studies, there is evidence of these fats leading to weight loss, improved metabolic health, and reduced waist circumference.

The effects of coconut oil when it comes to weight loss are mild except in the case of abdominal fat. Belly fat also called abdominal fat or visceral fat, is the fat that lodges around organs and causes heart disease, diabetes, and causes inflammation.

A reduction in abdominal fat will have positive impacts on your longevity, metabolic health, and reduce your chronic disease risk drastically.

The results may be far from becoming dramatic, but you need to remember that all people are adding coconut into their diet to lose weight fast. Combined with other strategies, they will add up to significant amounts.

Therefore, coconut oil will help you lose weight fast; however, do not think it will do all the miracles alone. Always remember that coconut oil is fat. Fat will give you nine calories in each gram and coconut is not an exception.


If you are ingesting fixed amounts of calories and then start using coconut oil, the chances are that you will gain weight.

Nevertheless, many people are not counting calories and consuming a fixed amount daily. In such cases, the addition of coconut oil to the diet will reduce appetite and make you eat less food.

Therefore, it is essential not to go overboard in your quest to lose weight fast and start adding a lot of coconut oil to your diet to get its benefits. Studies only employed two spoons of oil per day.

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