How To Lose Chest Fat – Every Man’s Worst Nightmare


Some men have gynecomastia, commonly referred to as man boobs. Chest fat, or “man boobs” are much more widespread than anyone would ever imagine. People who suffer from this condition have an abnormal amount of glands under the nipples and this attracts fat accumulation.

However, the good news is that there are many ways to Lose Chest Fat.

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​It most often occurs in early middle age, and approximately 1/3 of the male population suffers from this condition. Although most men believe that it is irreversible…..they are WRONG!!!

How To Lose Chest Fat

Losing fat from the chest can be one of the hardest places to reduce it from. This same challenge is true for those struggling to lose belly fat. For some people, the chest and breast area is a common area where ample fat cells are found.

We cannot reduce the numbers of fat cells when losing weight, instead the cells shrink as fat is reduced. Shrinking the fat cells is the only way we can lose chest fat or belly fat effectively.

​Much of ther published research on chest fat focuses pretty intently on traditional chest exercises and diet related solutions. Unfortunately, as many people find out, this is a specialized condition with a specialized solution.

​My experience on this topic is personal, and I can vouch for 2 things. First, traditional methods did not work for me, and they will not work for the many others like me.

​Second, there is a proven method to lose chest fat that works, and provides reliable results time after time, and if you are reading this right now and are looking for a fast, simple, and affordable solution that will guarantee that you lose chest fat quickly and restore your chest to a condition which you can be proud of, read more about it.

What Are The Causes Of Man Boobs?

Before we resolve the issue, it is fantastic to understand where the issue really comes from in the first location. Why is it that guys get chests? And why can it be worse for some than others? Let us take a peek, shall we?

Cause 1 — You Are Fat To Become

Captain Obvious here, but yeah, even generally, your torso fat is due to, well, you really now becoming obese.

Since you gain weight, your body shops that fresh excess fat in several areas throughout the human entire body. Your stomach develops, your face becoming more plump, your thighs turn into humongous… Obesity falls in, and you’re officially obese. And what exactly do dudes that are chubby have? Just, moobs…

Cause 2 — Your Female Side

Man boobs are not always only fat. Man boobs may actually function as well, breasts .

It is really a health condition known as gynecomastia, occasionally referred gynaecomastia, which can be an endocrine system disease where a (noncancerous) growth in male breast tissues happens.

Uuuh, state what?

Essentially, it means that the hormonal balance within your body is somewhat messed up. You have a great deal of feminine hormones, either estrogens, along with the own body is reduced on the manly hormones, including androgens (which include things like testosterone).

The hormonal imbalance being out of whack is the most frequent cause of gynecomastia, but in addition, it has been connected to some couple other causes, such as specific cancers, drugs, or even chronic kidney ailment.
Cause amount 3 — most of both worlds

The next cause is rather simple: it is a mix between trigger number 1 and number two.

If that’s the circumstance, you’re dual fucked. Your male breasts are increasing with breast tissue out of gynecomastia, and in addition to that they are becoming even larger due to their raising fat tissue out of, well, you gettget.

The most peculiar thing is they can begin working with each other to make a boob-boosting down spiral. You see, because the testosterone levels fall your hormonal equilibrium will acquire twisted, inducing gyna{ecomastia.

Simultaneously, decreasing testosterone slows down the fat burning procedure within your body too, meaning your fat tissue increases also.

Additionally, as these T levels fall you may have less power to operate out, which means that you have less electricity and energy to train that fat away. Before you know it, you have turned into a large and sexy bro…

Want To Lose Chest Fat?

Let’s face it, there’s not much more embarrassing for a man than having chest fat. You feel unattractive, have a low self esteem and generally just flat out are humiliated by it. Every man KNOWS that if they want to attract a woman, they have to be confident and how can you be confident knowing that you have that ugly chest fat?

Luckily, this is something that can be fixed and rather easily if you know what to do. But before you get rid of it, you need to have a basic understanding of what causes it in the first place.

Why You Get Chest Fat

​There are two main reasons that you get chest fat. The first reason is simply because you’re most likely overweight. Chest fat, Man boobs or “moobs” as some people like to call them, are simply fatty tissues that are stored over your pectoral muscles.

And in order to remove that fatty tissue from your chest, you need to have a combination of exercise and proper eating habits. Now before you think that this has to be a huge and major change for you, hear me out.

With just a few small changes to what you’re currently doing you can see some major results (I go into more detail in my boot camp which you can get here). And the second reason that guys get chest fat is because of a condition called gynecomastia which is actually a hormonal condition.

Most folks want you to believe this is out of your control but it’s not. You can correct this hormone imbalance rather easily and not have to spend thousands of dollars on surgery (that some people tell you to do), but we’ll get into that later.

Exercises That Prevent Chest Fat

​Cardio training is a great way to speed up your metabolism so you can start burning the fat calories fast. There are tons of different cardio training programs out there, but I want to focus on the ones that have been proven to be some of the most effective at burning fat and helping you lose your chest fat.

​Interval Training: Interval training is easily the best way to kick start your metabolism so your body becomes a fat burning furnace. Most people think just going on the treadmill for a while will burn you a bunch of calories and while yes, that’s true, it won’t burn the fat calories that you want and isn’t as efficient as it could be.

​If you do interval training properly you will actually be burning calories long after you finish a work out which is pretty cool if you ask me. When you first start an interval training session, go for about 20 minutes where you’re training for around 20-30 seconds going balls out and then about 1-2 minutes of easy cardio like an easy jog or walk.

Repeat that around 8-15 times. This will really help you speed up your metabolism and start burning a lot more fat and calories.

​Something else that you may want to try out is playing sports. Playing sports like tennis, basketball, hockey and soccer are incredibly good cardiovascular workouts since they emulate interval type training like we discussed above.

When you play these sports, you often have quick bursts of you going all out followed by a more casual but constant movement. This is very similar to interval training and is extremely effective at speeding up your metabolism.

So if you’re not someone that likes to go out and run or hit the treadmill, you should equip waterproof fitbit while jogging and find a group of friends and make a point to play a sport regularly. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you will start burning fat.

​Strength Training

The second thing you need to start doing is some strength training so you can build up the muscles in your chest. Some of the common strength training exercises for your chest are exercises like the chest press, bench press, push ups, cable crossovers and flyes.

I don’t really want to get into specifics here because it’s important to do the exercises correctly so you get the best results and don’t hurt yourself.

​And besides that, I have posts on this blog that go into greater detail on those kinds of exercises. It’s just too much to go over for a blog post that’s already getting kind of L-O-N-G .

But if you’re interested in finding out more about this stuff, and what types of things you can do to start quickly and effectively losing your chest fat, check out my boot camp that I put together below.

​Start Now and Begin To Lose Chest Fat

​In just a few short weeks, you’ll be amazed as you watch your chest fat vanish… and the rock-hard chiseled chest you’ve always desired appear.

If you have been battling man boobs for longer than you would like to remember, or if it is a recent problem which has developed, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Gynexin, the affordable, reliable treatment for gynecomastia, or chest fat.

Results are Fast and The Effort is Minimal…..Try Yours Today!!!

​Wouldn’t it be great if you woke up with a firmer chest tomorrow? Think about how you would feel, after you lose chest fat, men, experiencing, possibly for the first time since you were a kid, no more embarrassment.

No need to find that oversized sweater or baggy t-shirt, no more self consciousness in public. No more wondering who is looking at my chest fat. No more turning your back in the locker room to change your shirt.

No more waiting to be the last one to take a shower. No more dreading being on the “skins” team, and wondering if there really was a way to lose chest fat quickly.

​These are among the many reasons why such a large numbers of men choose to have surgery to correct this demoralizing problem. But now there is an all-natural herbal formula designed to naturally reduce chest fat deposits with no pain, no surgery, and no complications! It’s called Gynexin™ Alpha Formula, and it enables you to lose chest fat quickly.

​Gynexin™ Male Breast Reduction Will Work For You, and you will burn chest fat without having to drive yourself crazy with unrealistic diets or unimaginable exercise routines.

​Gynexin™ works by targeting the fatty cells (subcutaneous adipose tissue) in the mammary glands. This unique natural herbal formula, developed under the direction of leading medical scientists and nutritionists, has been seen to target these fatty cells and reduce them in both size and quantity, leading the way to a more masculine and happier you!

​All that it takes is one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening before meals, with a maximum of 4 capsules over a 24 hour period. Drink at least 8 oz. (250 ml) of water with each serving of Gynexin™.

​What can you expect? Results typically start to take effect in week two or three; you will begin to notice an overall firming of your torsoand realize that you are actaully starting to lose chest fat.

Losing belly fat is a typical result and usually the first indication that Gynexin™ is beginning to work. Week three to six, you should start to see a firming in your chest area. Once desired results are obtained; lowering your dosage to one or two pills per day will help maintain your chest fat loss.

​Consider Gynexin™ if you are looking for an alternative to the drastic step of surgery. Surgery is not only painful and invasive, but it will leave permanent scaring and can be very expensive. Most Gynecomastia procedures cost between $4,500. and $8,500.

Most health insurance companies consider it a cosmetic and elective procedure and will not cover the cost (insurance companies do not often consider the psychological effects of a condition). If surgery can be avoided, why not try Gynexin™ today?

The Best Caridovascular Exercises To Burn Chest Fat Fast

​So another day, another post and some more great info you can take to the bank to lose that chest fat fast ! Let’s dive into something that I truly used to hate. Seriously I used to not be able to stand doing any real form of cardio workout.

I thought it sucked and quite frankly just didn’t want to do it. I honestly just got bored and I HATE being bored more than anything. Might just be me but yeah, if I can’t find some sort of entertainment in what I’m doing, then it just isn’t worth doing it for me.

So what I did was just figure out a way to have fun while I was doing cardio workouts! Now for me that came down to finding a couple of things that I really enjoyed doing and adding some things to stuff that I just flat out didn’t like doing that made it at the very least bareable and eventually fun!

So without further adoo… let’s check out what type of cardio routines you can do to burn that chest fat fast! Here is a list, in order of effectiveness, of aerobic routines that can reduce your excess pecotral fat and get your chest looking great:

  • 1. Swimming – This is probably the best exercise you can possibly do on the planet. It’s zero impact and it flat out gets results! Not to mention I think it’s a ton of fun! Focus on doing the breast stroke because that really focuses on your chest muscles and burns fat around your chest.
  • 2. Running – Running is a great all around body workout because you are literally using just about every single muscle in your body and it burns fat like crazy. But what I recommend is to do sprints as opposed to just running for a long time. You burn more calories which means you burn more fat.
  • 3. Walking – Walking is one of the easier things to do and depending on where you are in your progress, this may be a great first step. Try and do intervals which means that you are going up and down hill to get a better workout and burn more calories. And make sure that you swing your arms so you can burn the fat on your chest most effectively.
  • 4. Elliptical -This is a great low impact exercise that works your entire body. Again I would focus on interval training and making sure that you are using your arms to force yourself to burn the chest fat. Bring an iPod and listen to some of your favorite tunes while you burn that fat!t.
  • 5. Outdoor bicycle riding – Now bike riding is something that is a great form of overall body fat burning and a great overall workout. BUt it doesn’t focus too much on your chest muscles so if your goal is to get rid of chest fat, look at some of the other options.
  • 6. Gym bicycle riding – Same thing as the riding outdoors but tends to be even less effective since you’re sitting in a gym and are generally a little more relaxed. That’s not to say it isn’t effective, just not as effective as the other options!

All of these different cardio routines are designed to burn fat and fast and I’ve given you some great options that really focus on burning fat in your chest. The important thing is to just start moving so if you’re not… Get out and move!


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