Glamorous Contradictions in Jewelry


Fashion trends tend to change with time, so do the contradictions in jewelry. The design, style, color, patterns and compositions of ornaments reveal so much about the combination of ideas and conventions that a person with an eye for fashion can’t help but notice them eventually.

In an era when everything from outfits to common tech services has undergone a massive change, the market of jewelry and gems has not stayed behind. Denying the commonality of what you like to don on when it comes to flaunting your style and glamour is what contradictions are introduced for.

You may be one of those trendsetters who can’t comply with the common rules of adorning themselves and following the fashion trends as they are but try something new, something out of the ordinary.

Contradicting the common traditionalist approach, modern fads and connoisseurs of fashion jewelry like to go to great lengths to bring some glamourous contradictions in the fashion sphere.

The new-found minimalistic approach turns down all the usual and ordinary norms of jewelry industry by demanding the all-new, updated and transformed ornamental pieces.

Minimalists don’t consider jewelry solely an object. However, they go as far as declaring them the exhibition of their persona, their stories and identity. Since not every wearer is the same in personality, so should be the jewelry!

Every component of ornament, from shape to color to texture, must be distinctive. The same, standard and conventional mindsets are not going to work for them. They prefer to dress in contradictions and be as contrasting as they can be in what they deck out.

Based on moods and personality traits, some like to go for the bohemian style, for example.

Whereas, others may look for elegance and romanticism to be exhibited in jewelry, while some exceed to be rebels and opt out flamboyant garnets to show off their avant-garde fashion concepts.

This is the reason you will find a stream of contradictions jewelries entering the fashion market. Contradiction bracelets, Contradiction earrings, and Contradiction pendants are a few to name.  Some of the contradictions are highlighted here you may like to bring in your style and add to your jewelry collection.

Contradiction in geometry

Jewelry masterpieces with distinguishing and glamourous designs, shapes, and curves are here to stay for long! Geometry arts are the latest contradictions, which include sharp edges, distinctive spikes, and exclusive studs.

They are contrasted with the usual, rounded, and elongated shapes, exuding an unconventional combination of grace and charm. The studs appear in various types of jewelries including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

One such example is exceptionally attractive diamond stud earrings. Manifesting contradictory geometric design, such a fine piece of ornament oozes distinction, luxury, and charisma.

Contradiction in colors

Colors can play an essential role in displaying our attitudes and perceptions towards life. To illustrate, jewelries in warm colors evince feelings of warmth and comfort for some, while others associate warm colors with strong emotions like passion and anger.

Likewise, cool colors reflect fun, calmness and coolness of a persona. Many jewelries contrast with this phenomenon by giving a touch of both warm and cool colors in one set of ornament.

For example, the combinations of yellow and blue or violet and rose-white exude utter distinction in a jewelry. Such works of art are the glowing, glamourous and appealing contradictions.

Contradiction in style

Bold, redefined, and modish styled jewelries are now ruling the roost! These popular contradictions have grabbed the attention of fashion enthusiasts who like to go offbeat with fashion. Diamond cut hoop earrings, gold-diamond and halo rings, and chains and beads necklaces are now in style, exposing the wild and beautiful contradictions in jewelry.


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