Ginger and lemongrass own thousand years of history. They have been credited as one of the most essential spices in Asian cuisine. These plants play an important role in founding this delightful art.

Asian Cuisine is home to many values. Ingredients like chicken and beef require quintessence spices to elevate its taste. From that base knowledge, lemongrass and ginger earn their stand in many symbolized dishes of Asian culinary art.

Have you noticed that they are presented in most Asian plates? They proved their flexible usefulness in making beverage, food spice and extracting oil. There are several functions of ginger and lemongrass we have discovered.

This article will classify every feature and advantage that they are providing us. Besides, let’s see what are those crucial utilities ginger and lemongrass have brought to life.

GINGER AND LEMONGRASS: Origin and Application


How Ginger And Lemongrass Come To Life?

Not appearing foreign ingredients to Asian people, ginger and lemongrass have been there since the discovery of their usabili

Wise people have taken all the advantages of ginger and lemongrass to create more delightful dishes.

It is little surprise to say that ginger is older than you. It was found more than five-thousand years ago by ancient Chinese and Indians. They preferred using those herbs as medicine to treat common diseases.

It was once considered a luxury in its early time. Ginger, hence, had a large commercial benefit back then to countries could grow them in massive quantity.

Lemongrass, also known as Cymbopogon, originated mostly in Asia, Africa, and Australia. It has been one of the reasonable herbal remedies for most frivolous ill.

Ginger and lemongrass have been traded through history.

Though they native in the East land, they went beyond  Asia border with traders and became a popular spice in Medieval Europe.

Today, we can find these spices in almost local grocery stores.

Asian Taste’s Embodiment

Ginger and lemongrass are the eatable plants.

The creative kitchen workers have been inventing countless usage of these spices.

For example:

You can find lemongrass tea in most cities across Asia as a street beverage that quenches one’s thirst and releases body heat. Ginger likewise becomes the primary ingredients in tea and other conventional drinks.

Hindu members created their ginger ale imitates our common beer but contain no alcohol to serve Halah diet. This creation later became a viral to the rest of the world and got accepted by non-alcoholic.

Thanks to the resembling scent of citrus lemon, it generates a distinctive flavor when it comes to the kitchen.

Vietnamese Pho is one local dishes got recognized across the world for its wisely combination of spices includes ginger. If one ingredient is missing, the soup will fail in all taste. Ginger is one element that makes this traditional dish complete.

You can find ginger and lemongrass used in a myriad of Asian menus. Dishes that mesmerize world gourmets like Vietnamese grilled lemongrass chicken, bone marrow chicken soup of Whitestone NY in the USA, Indian curry, Thai hot-pot, and Sichuan steamboat.

The Health Benefits Of The Herbs

Ginger Is Valued For Its Medicine Merits.

It has been scientifically proven to contain nutrient and bioactive compounds benefit in mending colic and aiding digestion.

The most primitive advantage of ginger to warm up your body by the effect of gingerols and zingerone. Sometimes, it can heal minor swelling trauma from insect bites.


Chinese classic pharmaceutical science has a great impact on producing this medicinal spice into abundant derivatives. The worth mentioning is anti-inflammation cream with a majority of ginger extract presented.

Ginger affect many forms of daily sickness such as nausea and vomiting.

It also functions in comforting chronic stomach ache. It further urges the digestive process to speed up the emptying of the irritated intestinal system.

Early Men Found The Use Of Lemongrass For Various Purposes.

This grass plant proves itself to be excellent in distracting mosquitos and its family species. Lemongrass has its use in anti-bacterial products as well as painkiller pills.

Its citrus scent properties apply in extracting essential oil from the leaves are powerful in relief of tension. This usage is popular in local spa therapy.

Modern science furthers the study of lemongrass for its anti-oxidant properties claims to be a powerful element. This critical detection will bring more valuable health benefits from lemongrass in the future.

The Dietary Secrets

Ginger provides carbohydrate to produce energy but doesn’t have a high concentration of starch that will go to your belly.

Adding ginger to your diet will help to enhance the flavor meanwhile deducing the use of junk food source.

The strong aroma can be intolerable for many people to eat raw, it can be used as an additional spice to any drink and food. Ginger tea is a good example of a diet beverage.

The good news is people have found a way to lose weight with lemongrass.

Adding this spice to replace other food and drink source can elevate your effort to weight-loss.

With its tart and lemony taste, lemongrass can make an enjoyable drink to upgrade your boring diet.

Both plants support your diet without adding calories to any oral taking source. What’s more is it causes no exceptional concern unless you are taking a large dosage without consulting.

Final Thoughts

Ginger and lemongrass have been among the food source that goes internationally since the medieval time. It benefits not only in cooking but also in affordable treatments for most trivial sickness.

These plants have brought unique contributions like others. It is hard to imagine the world without these plants and how people would suffer from no effective yet affordable alternatives.

Such advantages offer us more potential undiscovered applications hidden in such plants. Hence, we can look forward to more creation of lemongrass and ginger to come.


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