Feta Cheese Substitute


Nothing can go wrong when there’s cheese. This statement is true for almost all people, but not for those who suffer from lactose intolerance of course.

If you are familiar with and have tried all kinds of cheeses, you are one lucky individual. There is a wide variety of this dairy that you could find all over the world.

Have you ever tried feta cheese? If not, you are missing a lot. But if you do not have it locally, there is still no excuse. Wherever you are, there is a substitute for feta cheese.

Cheese always accentuates dull and bland dishes and gives that extra kick every time. The following feta substitutes that I will be sharing will surely satisfy your cheesy cravings.

Feta Cheese Substitute Or Substitutes For Feta Cheese

First of all, we have to admit that feta cheese is not always a favorite. This is exactly the reason why I am sharing this list of alternatives. Some people find feta’s flavor to be overwhelming and intense.

So, first timers might want to hold off on adding it to their recipes for a while. For now, they ought to give the following a shot instead.

#1 Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is a type of cheese that has a dash of sweetness and creaminess to the flavor. That is what makes it different from feta. Feta tastes a little saltier compared to ricotta.

However, it is known to be the top Feta Cheese Substitute for the latter. One reason is that the two have similar textures. They are both soft and crumbly at the same time.

For some specific recipes, what’s more, important than the flavor is the texture of the cheese, so voila! You may find the sweetness of ricotta even better than the saltiness of the feta.

If you are up for some DIY project, you can even make your ricotta cheese at home. Thekitchn.com shares a good homemade recipe using milk and some lemon juice.

#2 Halloumi Cheese

Now this one might be a bit “alien” to most of you. This is a rather unfamiliar choice for those who use traditional kinds of cheeses.

It is considered a good substitute for feta, though, because they have the same origin. The two are both Greek cheeses; thus the name. But actually, more people find halloumi available in Cyprus.

The only difference between the two is their composition. This is because feta is purely from sheep’s milk, while halloumi has a hint of goat’s milk.

If you are willing to use halloumi, though, you need to familiarize yourself with its different qualities. It is a brined kind of cheese, meaning it could be saltier. If you use it, your recipe might turn out to have a stronger flavor than usual.

But one unique thing about halloumi is its versatility. It can be easily grilled and fried with anything. That is because it melts easily. If you want to know about other ways to prepare it, go to bbcgoodfood.com.

#3 Queso Fresco or Fresco Blanco

As the name suggests, this is a Mexican type of cheese. I’m pretty sure this sounds right to you. We all know how delicious cheese is in all Mexican food like tacos and quesadillas.

Queso Franco is considered fresh as the original version of it is made out of raw milk. The name translates to “fresh cheese” in English. However, in some parts of the US, it is sold as something from processed milk.

It is considered a good substitute for feta cheese also because of its consistency or texture. It is crumbly, and you can use it to top almost any cheesy dish that you want.

The only difference you might notice between the two is the flavor. Feta has a stronger flavor than queso fresco. Know more about its use in recipes from Thekitchn.com.

#4 Goat Cheese

Among all these listed cheeses, this might be the most familiar one even to the cheese “novice.” Apparently, it’s made out of goat’s milk, which makes it different from feta that is made out of sheep’s milk.

You can tell easily that goat cheese is milder than feta. However, just like with queso Franco, the crumbly texture is the same for both. However, there are already a ton of different goat cheese varieties.

Local markets all over the US have been having versions of distinct flavors and textures. So if you are in an area near farmer’s markets or groceries with fresh produce, try all of them out. You be the judge of which variety has the nearest flavor to feta cheese.

#5 Tofu Cheese

Now this one is a good alternative for those who are unfortunately lactose intolerant or for vegans. Tofu cheeses are not considered dairy.

The best thing about this type of cheese is that it’s healthy for the body. It is cholesterol and fat-free. This would be perfect for those who are trying to lose weight but want that cheese texture to their food.

Tofu cheese is crumbly like feta cheese. It is perfect for salads. It is also easy to prepare even when you are at home.

#6 Gorgonzola

You might have heard of or noticed this in the supermarket because of its odd color. It is a type of bleu cheese made out of cow’s milk. That is what makes it different from feta cheese.

However, it has a similar taste to feta as they are both salty. Most Italian cheeses are known to be salty. This will be a perfect alternative for feta if you are making Italian dishes. Some great ones include pasta and pizza.

#7 Cottage Cheese

Another cholesterol and fat-free alternative to feta, aside from tofu cheese, is cottage cheese. This variety does not contain much fat and sodium as the others.

You may have already heard of cottage cheese being used for snacks as a dip or as a main ingredient. It can be utilized for cheesecakes and even for gourmet dishes. Its versatility makes it one of the most popular substitutes to other cheese types.

#8 Mozzarella Cheese

Now you might be a bit surprised that this is included on this list. We know very well that mozzarella has a distinct texture; that being sticky. This means that if you are looking for a crumbly alternative, you need to cross this out.

But in some recipes, this can work as long as the flavor needs to be on the salty side. Besides, there are a lot of people who prefer that chewy and gooey feel while they eat.

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Conclusion For Article Feta Cheese Substitute Or Substitute For Feta Cheese

So there you have it! Those were seven ideal and delicious feta cheese substitutes – substitute for feta cheese. If you are worried about not getting the same flavor, know that there is not much difference.

As long as you follow the recipe and as long as the alternative is one of these, you’ll be safe. The thing is, cheese is not that complicated to study. There may be a wide variety of it all over the world, but they come from almost the same species of domestic or farm animals.

Just read about them, if you do not have the chance to taste all of them. Remember that feta has an overwhelming and strong flavor, so your sub cheese should have that.

If you have any other suggestions, especially if you know other alternatives, comment down below. We can discuss and compare and contrast them and your other questions as well. Happy cooking and eating!


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