Easy Ways to Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels


As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone plays an important role in the growth process of most men.

In addition to helping facilitate physical changes, testosterone is also largely responsible for voice deepening and hair growth. Although testosterone is particularly important during puberty, it’s vital for men to maintain healthy levels of it into adulthood, as well.

Optimum testosterone levels can help ensure proper sexual performance, offset disease risk and heighten energy levels. However, not all men’s bodies are able to naturally maintain the ideal level of testosterone, thereby facilitating the need for outside help.

Get Enough Sleep

While getting enough sleep is liable to seem like a no-brainer, a staggering number of men get far less than the recommended eight hours per night.

In fairness, sticking to a consistent sleep schedule can be difficult for people with poor time management or schedules that are in a constant state of fluctuation. Still, if you generally sleep for well under eight hours, you’ll need to take steps to correct this.

For starters, this means creating a workable sleep schedule and sticking to it. Simply set a time to turn in each night and a time to begin each day and do your best to adhere to this new schedule.

If you’ve grown accustomed to going to sleep and getting up at random times, this is liable to be a bit of an adjustment. However, after a few weeks of following a structured sleep schedule, there’s a good chance you’ll get the hang of it.

If getting to sleep has consistently been a problem for you, try engaging in relaxing activities in the lead-up to bedtime. About 30 minutes to one hour before turning in, shut off any screens you’ve been staring at do things that are conducive to relaxation, like reading, meditating or deep-breathing exercises.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is among the most effective ways to boost testosterone levels. With this in mind, find a workout routine that’s a good fit for your lifestyle, strength level and area(s) of interest.

However, when committing to an exercise routine, make sure to avoid overdoing it, as excessive amounts of exercise can actually lower testosterone levels. As such, regular exercise doesn’t have to entail running yourself ragged. Simply staying active and engaging in light exercise on a consistent basis can be a boon to your testosterone levels, general stamina and mental health.

If you’re a stranger to regular exercise, there’s nothing wrong with starting small. When many of us begin new workout routines, we have a tendency to set impossibly high expectations for ourselves and walk away when we fail to meet them.

So, if your new workout regimen is too strenuous or doesn’t seem like a good fit, don’t be afraid to make alterations as necessary. Additionally, take care to remain in contact with your doctor throughout this process.

They may even advise you to complement your new routine with high-quality testosterone boosters. However, do not begin taking testosterone boosters without first consulting your physician.

Keep Your Stress Levels in Check

Consistently heightened stress levels can lead to a decrease in testosterone – among many other undesirable consequences. That being the case, you’d do well to keep your stress levels in check and take measures to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by stress.

Of course, for some men, this is liable to prove easier said than done. If unmanaged stress is a persistent problem, you’d do well to seek out therapy and/or other forms of counseling.

In some cases, simply discussing our various stressors can keep them under control. Furthermore, getting a healthy amount of sleep, devoting time to personal enrichment and engaging in relaxing activities can all prove beneficial to your stress reduction efforts.

Low testosterone can reveal itself in a number of ways. From reduced sex drive to fatigue to persistent irritability, men with waning testosterone levels are likely to experience a variety of symptoms.

So, if you suspect that certain issues are the result of decreased testosterone, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your doctor.

Fortunately, maintaining healthy testosterone levels isn’t the arduous chore many men seem to think it is. Men who are afflicted by low testosterone levels are likely to benefit from putting the previously discussed pointers to good use.

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