Boho Home Decor: Tips That Show You How To Pull It Off


The bohemian home trend has been around since the ‘60s and it doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere.

While minimalist designs surely have their advantage and Scandinavian homes look so clean and tidy, nothing feels as warm and inviting as the boho décor.

If you are not a huge fan of sterile, colorless rooms with matching décor and you prefer the cozy atmosphere of a bohemian space, there are easy ways you can bring it into your place.

A bohemian home is comfortable, eclectic, colorful and inviting so here are several decorating ideas to help you with your makeover.

So Many Different Textures

If you look at the photos of boho homes, you will surely notice the variety of textures. Things like wicker baskets, planters made of different kinds of materials, macramé wall hangings, wooden tables, a wicker chandelier, or leather poufs can make your space feel cozier and inviting.

Make Space For Items You Love

Your home should reflect your personality, so make sure you love each and every item in your house. Make room for souvenirs you’ve collected over the years, hang interesting items that tell a story such as these skulls from the SkullBliss longhorn collection, and display trinkets that are a reminder of your life journey.

Get Down

Boho style started with hippies so it is no wonder that its philosophy is all about kicking back and relaxing. Therefore, place colorful poufs around the coffee table, make pillow piles on the rug, put a bean bag chair in the corner, or get a soft ottoman that will simply invite people to chill out and unwind.

Let There Be Light (Wood)

Although black is always in style and it goes with everything, it is not exactly an ideal choice if you are aiming for the whole boho vibe. Instead of large, dark pieces go with light and bright woods that provide airiness and a clean backdrop for all the colorful pieces you will add to your space.

You Can Have Too Many Rugs

While fans of the minimalist designs always stick to one rug (or even no rug at all), as a true bohemian don’t hesitate to layer your rugs. This will provide you with an opportunity to mix patterns and colors and help you add more texture to the room.

Make Room For Plants

Have you ever seen a boho home that didn’t have any plants? Of course not! Greenery is the essence of the boho style, so give your space that natural, earthy vibe with a couple of plants. You can hang them, place them in empty corners, put them in funky planters and display them on your shelves, and basically add a bunch of visual interest to areas of your home that feel bland.

A Pop Of Color

This style isn’t about sterile surroundings and matching décor. Instead, it is about creative chaos and all those imperfections that help people feel right at home. To achieve this, add a piece painted in a bright color to the room. You can paint a vintage dresser turquoise, place a red table in the corner, or add a tropical green cabinet to the room. If that piece looks like it has actually been used for years, even better. Don’t run away from vintage pieces and broken-in furniture. Those items will give your room a warm and cozy feel boho is known for.

Create A Playful Mix Of Light Sources

Walk into the room and turn on your overhead light, then turn it off and instead turn on the lamps strategically placed on the shelves and coffee tables. Do you see the difference? Your cold room has instantly become warm and inviting, which is also the point of the boho style. However, besides incorporating several different lighting sources into the room, it is also important to choose the right ones. Since bohemian style is about celebrating nature, go with pendants made from natural fiber such as basket weave pendants or macramé pendants.

Don’t worry if your place doesn’t become a true boho home overnight. Your space should feel right to you and this will take time. You will try things out, create different combinations, and experiment a lot before you find the right fit.


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