Best Oil Diffusers

There are so many micro-organisms are just floating around us. They can be very harmful to our health. We cannot fully get rid of them fully. But, somehow if we can still partially get rid of them, we can live a happy and sound life.

There are a lot of poisonous things out there from which we have to stay safe. At this point, essential oil diffusers work in the best way for this type of stuffs. Essential oil diffusers use diffused oil and release them into the air to freshen the air. They also use the scent of the oil to fumigate the air.

It is very good for anyone and suit at anytime, anywhere. It just changes the ambience of the place totally to a very pleasant, calm and welcoming place.

What Is An Oil Diffuser?

An oil diffuser is an apparatus whereby an essential oil is placed into it and it causes the essential oils to evaporate into the air around it which would allow your home, office, store, or other space to smell fragrant.

You can opt for scents that help you to feel relaxed, those that remind you of a special place or some that give you an energy boost. A wide range of diffusers are also available, allowing you to obtain the scent you want in a device convenient and aesthetically pleasing to you.

Oil diffusers can be great addition to your house, it can help you in many ways. The negative ions which come out from the oil diffusers are very good for your mind and mood. And the diffused oils can prevent any type of flu from attacking you. So it is very important to have a best oil diffuser.

​Why Do We Need An Oil Diffuser?


​Choosing an Oil Diffuser

If you are looking for an essential oil diffuser, whether it is your first one or tenth, you would be spoilt for choice, as you can choose from many options. Modern technology provides you with electronic and battery operated models while traditionalists continue to use reeds and bottles, as well as plates or burners to house candles and the oil.

Now, we will give a review of five best oil diffusers. You will be able to know about them in detail. So you can easily make a conclusion to your search for oil diffuser.

​The 4 Different Types of Diffusers

​There are a number of various types of oil diffusers out there. We cannot tell you the numbers exactly but we will give you a detailed explanation about them. Here we will discuss about four types of oil diffusers. And after reading that we wish you will be able to choose the perfect oil diffusers for you.

They are:

  • Ultrasonic oil diffusers.
  • Nebulizing diffusers.
  • Evaporative diffusers.
  • Heat diffusers

​>> Ultrasonic diffusers:

​This type of diffusers are also known as humidifying diffusers. They are very good type of oil diffusers. And they can be used very easily too. They needs liquid such as – water or any oils to work.

This diffusers have a small disk under the liquids which create vibration of ultrasonic frequencies and release the oil in the air in the form of a fog. They doesn’t need a lot of oil comparing to the nebulizing oil diffusers. One of the good point about this oil diffusers is its quietness, it actually doesn’t produce any louder noise.

They are best for using in office or on the bedroom, because, the perfume doesn’t reach very far from the diffuser. So, if you want an oil diffuser which use less oil and want to use in your office or bedroom then this type is the best for you.

>>Nebulizing oil diffusers:

​We can call this type of oil diffusers the best kind. They are very powerful and doesn’t need any water or heat to work. They convert the oil to a gas like substance with its high technology and release it into the air.

They are very useful for therapeutic use. It also creates a low noise, which you can ignore most of the time. Most of the diffusers have timer for Auto ON/OFF. This type of oil diffusers should not be used for 15 minutes continuously. So, here the timer can come in handy. As it can diffuse oil in a less period of time, 15 minutes is more than enough.

>>Evaporative diffusers:

​This type of diffusers are very popular to all because of their low price. But, they don’t come with so much of features. Though they are very useful. This type of oil diffusers use fan or even a type of heating element to release the perfume throughout the room. They are very easy to use and reasonably priced.

They are also very noiseless. And they use much less oil comparing to the other low end diffusers. But, one of the downside of this type of oil diffusers is they cannot provide the best therapeutic benefits as the high end diffusers can.

And, if you use them in any very large space, then you will not get the scent throughout the area. The perfume also doesn’t last very long. So, if you want a low end and reasonably priced oil diffusers then this can be the perfect one for you.

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>>Heat diffusers:

​This type of diffusers are mostly lie to the old days diffusers. They are very easy to use. They use a heating element such as light, candle etc. to heat up the oil and then release into air.

This type of oil diffusers are very common and can be used in any small areas as they don’t provide scent for a large area. And another important thing is that they don’t make any noise. And, the light or candle can be a very addition to the decoration of your room.

So, if you want to use an easy to use and low priced oil diffusers then this type of oil diffusers can be a great fit for you. So, here we have discussed about some of the well-known types of oil diffusers. We are hoping that you can use this part of this article for gaining a better knowledge about different types of oil diffusers.

​Advantages Of Using Oil Diffusers

An oil diffuser can be used for many kind of purposes. We have compiled a bunch of reason for you to let you know why you should use an oil diffuser.

Clean air:

The first thing an oil diffuser do is cleaning the air. They can easily cleanse the air of your room with the help of the elements from the oil. So, they can be very beneficial if you want to keep the air of your room clean.

Purify air from viruses, bacteria, and pathogens:

There are many kinds of harmful micro-organisms in the air. They can severely harm our health. But, if you have oil diffuser, then you can get rid of them as the oil diffusers are meant for this. The nebulizing oil diffusers can easily treat those micro-organisms in a great way. So, if you use oil diffusers it can save from many diseases as well as give you a pathogen-free environment.

Impact the mood:

Oil diffusers can be a great addition to your room. It can make a great impact on your mood with its pleasant scent and the harmless air. The therapeutic feature of oil diffuser can also make a great impact on your mood. So, that your focus and concentration will increase more than ever.

Reduce stress:

It is very stressful, while you are at office, doing a lot of work or returning from office being exhausted. Or even doing any other tedious work, you r mind and body can be jammed. So, if you want to get rid of this type of stress then an oil diffuser at your home or office can be very beneficial for you.

Boost immune system:

With the therapeutic feature of an oil diffuser, it can help you boost your immune system. The essential nutrients from the oil can be very advantageous for your health, and it is very easy to understand that how important it can be for your immune system.

A great smelling ambience:

Oil diffusers can make the environment lively ad with their amusing perfume, they can make the environment more friendly and calm. So, using a good oil diffuser can change the whole ambience of the place to a new and better space.

​How To Buy The Best Oil Diffuser Step By Step

Choosing the best of the best is always a frustrating work to accomplish. And, if you are searching for the best oil diffusers for yourself then this might get more tedious than many other things.

But, to disappear you worries and to let you know the secrets of choosing the perfect oil diffuser for yourself we have gathered a number of suggestions for you. So, after reading this part of the article, we are hoping that you will be able to choose the best oil diffusers for you in no time.

Where Do You Want To Use This?

The first thing you want to ask yourself is, where is the place you want to place the oil diffuser. If you want to use it for large room then, you should use a nebulizer or ultrasonic oil diffuser. Again, if you want to use it for your bedroom, bathroom, or office then use any type of oil diffuser. But, remember if you can afford then go for the nebulizing or ultrasonic oil diffuser.

Size and shape:

This thing might not be a big deal but, if you are luxurious then this point can be great for you. There are many types of oil diffusers out there and they are also consists of many sizes and shapes. So, you can choose the size or shape of your choice and bring it home.

Why you will use oil diffusers?

Oil diffusers can be used for different purposes. You can use them only for a good perfume. And, you can use them for creating a great therapeutic environment in your house. So, if you want to use it for therapeutic purpose then go for the nebulizing oil diffusers.

Because, they are the best for this purpose. And, for only perfume you can use other types of oil diffusers.

If you have any children or pets at your home:

This point might be look foolish but it is very important to look at. If you have any children in your home then you should be careful using any Heat diffusers. Because, most of the times this type of oil diffusers use candle as the heating element.

So, it can be a very dangerous thing for your loving children and pet. Anytime accident may happen and it may burn your house. So, you may consider not using this type of oil diffusers.


If you can’t tolerate noise, and want a quiet ambience inside of your house then you should buy the evaporating or heat diffusers as they don’t make noise. But, if you don’t have any problem with this then you can use the ultrasonic or nebulizing oil diffusers.

Installing process:

Different types of oil diffusers have different types of installing procedure. So, if you want a hassle free set up process then go for the heat diffusers. And, if you don’t have any problem regarding the set up process then you should undoubtedly go for the high end oil diffusers.

Types of oil diffusers:

We have already discussed about different types of oil diffusers on another part of this article. There we have explained the pros and cons of different types of oil diffusers. So, by judging the features of those oil diffusers you can choose the best one for you.

Compare price from place to place:

With the advancement in the shopping industry, we can shop from online as well as local store. And one of the best thing is that the online stores provide a great discount sometimes.

So, if you are going to buy your chosen oil diffuser from the local store, before doing that you should check the price of them online. Then you will get a better idea about the price and features of that product. And, if there’s any discount going on there then it will be a wise decision to buy from online. So, you should compare the price of oil diffuser online before buying.

Read Reviews:

If you have already chosen some of the oil diffusers for you, then you can read reviews online about them. This is the best thing you should consider doing after making a list of your choice.

You also can read customer reviews from the online stores. So that, you will get a better idea about your chosen oil diffusers and then buy the best out of them.


The most important thing before buying anything is the budget.

If you have less budget then you have to buy the heat or evaporating oil diffusers. On the other hand, if you have budget then go for the nebulizing or ultrasonic oil diffusers. But, as the price of oil diffusers are not very high, we hope you can buy the high end oil diffusers.

​How To Use Oil Diffusers:

It is very easy to use an oil diffuser. You just only need to have the diffuser and the essential oil. Here we will tell you some basic steps which you should perform while you will use oil diffuser. And we know that there are so many types of oil diffusers out there. So, the procedure would be also different for each of them.

​For Heating Diffusers:

  • Take the oil diffuser and pour a little bit of water into the diffuser.
  • Then take your essential oil’s bottle.
  • And pour 3-5 drops of oil on the water.
  • Now, take a match or lighter and light the candle or the heating element of the oil diffuser.
  • Now, out somewhere you want to place it. it will diffuse the oil for about 1-2 hours

For evaporating diffusers:

  • Take the oil diffuser and pour a little bit of water into the diffuser.
  • There should be marking for the amount of water.
  • Then take your essential oil’s bottle.
  • And pour 3-5 drops of oil on the water Then switch on the oil diffuser by tapping the switch.
  • There should be a timer switch, you can switch the timer on and change it for different interval.
  • And some of the evaporating oil diffusers also have light or fan customization switch.
  • You can change the color or the speed and direction of the fan inside the oil diffusers.
  • Make sure to connect it to power supply or use batteries to power it up

For Nebulizing and ultrasonic Diffusers:

Here the nebulizer diffusers doesn’t need any water to diffuse the oil. So it is much easier than the other ones.

  • Take the oil diffuser and open the dome cover then the insert and then open the directional cup.
  • Pour right amount of water, do not overfill. (in case of ultrasonic diffusers).
  • Then take your essential oil’s bottle.
  • And pour 3-5 drops (or as you need) of oil on the particular place of the oil diffuser.
  • Now, close all the staffs you opened just earlier Plug in your oil diffuser to the power outlet or use battery to power it up.
  • Now just switch on the diffuser by tapping on the particular switch It will automatically shut off when the water level come down.

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​Maintenance Of Essential Oil Diffusers:

It is a normal thing to tell that we have to take care of our precious oil diffusers, so that this will help us longer to breathe fresh air in. here are some tips you can follow to keep your oil diffuser clean.

  • If you own a nebulizing oil diffuser then you have to clean it before using each time for better performance.
  • You can use vinegar or water to wash out your nebulizing oil diffuser.
  • For the heat diffusers, you should clean them at least twice in a week.
  • And for the ultrasonic diffusers, you should clean them between an intervals of 10-12 hours.
  • You have to use water to wash the oil diffusers.
  • Never place any liquid on the outside of your oil diffuser.
  • Never drop it from any high place Never use any heat diffuser, if you have children in your house.
  • Always plug it out of the wall socket and switch OFF before cleaning it.
  • Always try to use Luke warm water for diffusing oil.
  • Never allow to enter water into any openings of the oil diffuser.
  • Never use distilled water, only use normal tap water.
  • Never overfill the oil diffuser

Last Words:

Here we have tried to give you a better idea about all types of oil diffusers and even put up some kind details about five most popular oil diffusers in the market now. We are hoping that you will find the best match for you out there.

It is very hard to choose a perfect oil diffuser, because all of them have their own flaws and superiority as well. So it fully depends on your preference and your choice. So, if you have budget and need a therapeutic oil diffuser then undoubtedly go for the Nebulizing or ultrasonic oil diffusers.

But if you don’t need therapeutic but only perfume from the oil diffuser then you can choose any of the evaporative or the heat oil diffusers.