Beauty Takes Work: Make Your Skincare Routine a Habit


Beauty takes a lot of work, there’s no sugarcoating it. As discouraging as it may sound, more so having in mind we live in a world where beauty is an ideal we all strive for.

Taking after our role models from the world of fashion and celebrities isn’t that difficult of a thing to do after all.

Now, I’m not saying we should just copy to the point of reaching for some ideas of someone else and diminishing our own sparkle, but we ought to take such beauty ideals as an example because a little care goes a long way.

And you’d be glad you started using cosmetic products sooner rather than later. Best of all is there are many options nowadays so it won’t be mission impossible to find something that suits both your wallet and your skin and hair type at the same time.

Ageing is a natural process, and time waits for no one, however, when you have your set of products that are great for the skin and hair health, it’s needless to say you’d be able to slow down this process.

In other words, it’s important to implement some beauty care in your day to day lifestyle, and then again so is the choice you make with the products.

Mindful Shopper

Instead of buying a certain toner, cream or moisturiser because a friend of a friend suggested it’s good or you saw it in a magazine, take the time to do your own research. Find out more about what the ingredients are.

Simply put, be a beauty products sleuth! The best beauty care is the one that’s based on incorporating organic ingredients instead of alcohol and harsh chemicals that do more harm than good and strip the natural oils.

After all, as the skin is the largest organ that’s also porous, it absorbs whatever you use on it, so being careful is the least you can do.

The great news is it’s easy to buy quality branded products online too now that there are stores and stockists providing detailed info about each and every product that makes it on their shelves.

And all it takes is a couple of minutes to read through the info on a specific item you need, so it’s a good option for acquiring your supplies. Besides, a wide array of products is a good sign of how reliable a site can be. And whenever in doubt, you have the chance to read some reviews, learning from others’ experience.

Basic Care No Matter the Age

The age indication as to when you’re supposed to start with a skincare routine is something we see everywhere, in magazines, TV shows, videos over the social networks, saying how it differs in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50+.

Yet truth be told, the skin has some basic needs that remain unchanged regardless of how old you are.

For instance, providing it with cleansing, hydration, occasional exfoliation, and UV protection is necessary in the 20s as much as it is in the 50s. And even if you don’t have any ageing signs just yet, it’s still important to carry on with these skincare steps.

Keep in mind that great skin starts with the right moisturizer. Moisturizing is what guarantees nourished, plumped and smooth skin.

When your skin is well moisturised, the natural protective barrier helps prevent water loss through the outer layers of skin and irritation.

Why wait for fine lines and wrinkles to appear when you can provide adequate care to your skin now and postpone the ageing?

Once you’ve gotten in the habit of this and found your ideal cosmetic products, it’s crucial to follow the application instructions for utmost results; If it says you should apply the cleanser twice a day, both in the morning and at night, then, by all means, do so. And of course, don’t forget to apply your ideal moisturiser afterwards.

Depending on the skin, you might need a lighter option like gel for the oily type, cream for dry and lotion for combination. The reason moisturising is so essential has to do with the fact youthful skin is one that’s well hydrated.

This is especially of importance for individuals dealing with dry skin type. The more hydrated it is, the tighter it would be when you reach middle age. How’s that for a goal?

Anti-ageing Regimen

To get to your 50s and over while still being able to preserve your skin’s tightness, it’s necessary to include anti-wrinkle cosmetic products. The antioxidant properties anti-ageing products contain can help protect the skin from free radical damage.

Furthermore, damage from the unprotected sun exposure can start making itself shown after the age of 25, and such products would turn out your best friends in preventing this.

Also, treating yourself to some peels, facials, and anti-ageing lasers is more than welcome as well, so you can’t blame it on lack of options.

Hydration and Nutrition

Investing in your beauty on the outside is just one side of the coin, you have to take care of it on the inside too!

Speaking of which, you’d be doing your skin a favour by minding your daily water intake and being prudent with the choices you make food-wise, preferably opting for ingredients packed up with antioxidants.

In case you want to spice it up a little hydration-wise, herbal teas and coconut water are great options too.

Foods like avocados, salmon, walnuts, peppers, broccoli, chia and flaxseeds, tomatoes, carrots, leafy greens, berries, as well as cacao are ideal for the health of the skin, protecting it not only from the damaging UV rays but ageing also.

Some of them that are rich in vitamin C, as is the case with the broccoli and the peppers, are also helpful with the production of collagen responsible for the elasticity of the skin. And those with vitamin A are essential in keeping sebum under control.

Bananas, wheat, oats are additional foods to rely on when wanting to regenerate the skin. Need I even say protein is another must? Having in mind skin cells need protein, you can’t omit nuts, seeds and whole grains from your menu either.

See, it’s not that difficult to work on your beauty, is it?

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