Angela Wei – The Woman Who Thought Outside Of The Box With Milk Agency


In the world where men are supposed to be dominant in leadership roles, Angela Wei and her Milk Agency appear to be out of the ordinary and become a symbol of success.

In most industries, women are much less holding high positions than men. However, Angela Wei has proved the opposite with her extensive range of working experience and achievements in the marketing and advertising industry.

Angela Wei and Her Diverse Experience

Angela Wei Dong has worked for some of the world’s biggest industries with her expertise in different fields such as finance, marketing, branding strategies, etc. Angela Wei worked for Nike China, Coca-Cola, Barry Callebaut, in all executive positions with her outstanding ability and vision.

Angela Wei Dong

At the age of 47, she can be considered one of the most successful individuals in the field she has dedicated to.

And now, after experiencing multiple executive roles in other companies, she is working in the marketing and advertising industry as a managing partner of Milk Agency.

Milk Agency – Angela Wei’s Key To Unlock The Marketing Industry

Milk Agency is a creative agency offering all kinds of services for artists, brands, companies, industries, etc. in marketing and advertising such as photography and film, make-up, branding, etc. 

As the managing partner of Milk Agency, Angela Wei has integrated her idea and vision into the company’s missions and goals. Her management as an agency leader has helped Milk become better in different aspects, creating opportunities to bring nothing but the best cultural and social products and make significant changes in the field. That is why people call the company with the other name “Angela Wei Milk“.

Indeed, she has been very successful with her career despite all the prejudices out there. That is, the prejudice of a woman holding leading roles in their profession.

Women in Marketing and Advertising career

Statically, most of the companies and corporations are male-run. That means women are not usually considered to be taking high executive positions. The higher the position is, the fewer women there are.

The gender gap in leadership positions

And many people are trying to change that. Giving Angela Wei as an example, it is clear that women have the same leadership ability as men do. The most down point of women, I think, is their motherhood only. If the industry can support women in their motherhood, such as parental policies, their dedication could be much higher.

Moreover, it is important to have diverse opinions and visions to create a healthy environment in solving marketing and advertising challenges. Gender, nevertheless, is an important diversity within. 

Angela Wei, the managing partner of Milk Agency, respects all things given, and holds high hopes of changing how this male dominant world functions with equality and diversity in the workplace. 

This belief comes from her firsthand experiences in recruiting and training personnel for all kinds of roles and positions. With different people of all genders and colors, its culture and creativity would be diverse with more choices and chances.

Angela Wei is proving her belief with Milk Agency.

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