Addressing Some Rumors Regarding Breast Augmentation


A breast implant is the most famous cosmetic surgery procedure. Over three thousand women go through the process each year, including saline, structured implant, and silicone gel.

Even though cosmetic surgery is popular with widespread discussions over social media platforms and the media, there are common assumptions that are not scientifically proven but based on public opinion concerning breast augmentation.

If you think of having a breast implant soon, here is some factual information to keep in mind. It will also help you dispel rumors about breast implant procedures.

All Implants are Replaced after Ten Years

They are prosthetic devices that are not long-lasting and have diverse complications in your body, just like any other foreign body used in other surgical procedures.

The main reason breast implants need to be replaced is because of rupture, capsular contracture or leakage. If saline leaks, the body reabsorbs it, whereas when silicone gel leaks, it will need a surgical procedure to be removed.

Capsular contracture is usually a painful abnormal scar that forms around the implant, leading to hardening in the breast. Women experience capsular contracture in either breast after an implant, and leakage and rapture may also occur at any time after the surgery. The more time it takes to replace the implant, the higher the chances of risky rapture or leaking.

Although the approximate time to remove the implant should be ten years, one should get a breast replacement or removal immediately after the contradiction occurs. One should also have routine clinical checkups alongside breast MRIs or mammograms depending on the woman’s age and vulnerability to breast diseases.

Breast Implant Leads to Autoimmune Diseases

Many reports have captured media attention that shows patients have developed several diseases after a breast implant.

Women with breast implants and scientists have proven a connection between breast implants and autoimmune or systemic diseases. However, there are no increased risks of cancer to women with breast implants.

The reason behind it is all available types of breast implants are FDA approved. The previous generation of implants underwent extensive data collection and testing to ensure the current implants are effective and safe.

Any Cosmetic Surgeon Can Perform Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant procedure gives women both emotional and physical benefits while boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

It is essential to remind them that a plastic surgeon is different from a cosmetic surgeon, and they both perform other surgeries. For an effective breast implant, one should look for an experienced surgeon for breast augmentation in Houston TX. The surgical procedure may seem simple, but it is comprehensive and a long process to acquire better results. It involves:

  • Detailed initial patient anatomy assessment: the process involves assessing the patient’s breast shape and size, breast tissue characteristics, breast asymmetry, and breast degree of sagginess to decide whether it needs additional lift procedure.
  • Discussion with the patient to know their preferences and desires and letting them know about the possible outcome and limitations.
  • Familiarization and knowledge of different hand tools and techniques used in other implant procedures to produce the best results.
  • Knowledge of all types of breast implant to advise patients on the best breast implant selection, which include: cohesive silicone gel, silicone gel, teardrop, and round-shaped breast implant
  • Keen follow-up and maintenance after the procedure in case any issue comes up.

Breast Implants are Risky during Breastfeeding

Most women who go through breast implants are in their twenties and thirties. They may have concerns about how the procedure will impact their babies if they get pregnant. Scientific research proves that the implant has no side effects on babies born with or breastfeeding women with breast implants.

Many hormones are associated with breast tissues that enlarge them and change their shape and appearance. There are no associated risks of breast implants causing contradiction to future pregnancies as the procedure involves dissection and incision of breast tissues. There are minimal chances of the nipples being affected as there are also specific techniques used to minimize nipple interference during surgery. They include:

  • Use of axillary or inframammary incision around the nipple
  • Using a small implant to evade dissecting large areas that may interrupt nipple supply sensation.

Keep in mind other women cannot breastfeed even though they have never gone for any breast implant surgery. The problem might be nipple or milk duct inborn anatomical irregularity.

Women Can Have Whatever Bra Cup Size They Desire

With over a hundred breast implant sizes and types available in the market, there is a wide range of possible breast augmentation outcomes. One cannot predict the exact cup size to obtain from cosmetic surgery as different brassiere manufacturers have variable cup sizes. On many occasions, the selected breast implant should match the patient’s breast characteristics and dimension after the procedure- in terms of position, diameter, and width on the chest wall.

The surgeon should not place a large breast implant under a narrow or small chest. The outcome will be palpable, and the edges will be noticeable on top of the breast sides. Other considerations in breast implants are their definite height and progressive tissue stretch caused by downward gravity pull and pressure effects. Even though bigger or larger breast implants are disadvantageous, it depends on one’s selection and preferences.

Tips to Keep in Mind about Breast Augmentation

Discussions and heating debates on whether breast implant surgery is safe and effective will not end anytime soon.

The same case applies to rumors about it. It is a matter of one doing in-depth research to understand the facts about breast implants, scheduling consultations with professional and qualified cosmetic surgeons to understand the procedure and its benefits and limitations clearly.

Final Verdict

Breast implant surgery does guarantee any results, just like other surgical procedures. But most patients who have gone through the process are satisfied with the outcome, with a smaller percentage going back for removal or modification of their implants.

Patient education on facts and fiction about breast augmentation is vital before the procedure and meeting patients’ desires and preferences.

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