A Guide To Getting Arcade Games For Your Home


If you are considering furnishing your home with arcade games, you’ve come to the right place; this detailed guide gives you all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

What Are The Various Arcade Game Types?

A games arcade can come in any shape and size; here are the various arcade games options available:

1. Table-Top Gaming Cabinets

Table-top units are great for saving space, portable, and also very affordable. Most times table-top cabinets come with more than one game; however, one can also find the regular single-game models.

As mentioned before, table-top cabinets are very affordable; however, the price can go up significantly if you want a unit with a better screen, better controls, or more games.

2. Single-Game Cabinet

if you are looking for an arcade machine for use at home, then a single-game cabinet is the way to go.

If you’re into retro games and are interested in playing classic titles such as Space Raiders and Pac-man, this cabinet is the choice for you. You also have the option of getting modern titles in this kind of cabinet for a decent price. Click here to see the best arcade classics ranked.

If you want a classic single-game cabinet, you’ll need to look for reconditioned models. For a game like Pac-man, a reconditioned cabinet might start at about $3000.

On the other hand, if you just want a modern cabinet, you only have to spend between $500 and $600 on a brand-new cabinet. You can get classic games on modern cabinets.

Modern single-game arcades have the lowest starting price of any other option. They are also small and lightweight. The major downside to this option is the limited number of games; the cabinet comes with just one.

3. Shooter Games

Who doesn’t love a good shooter? This type of game has been around for a long time and is very common in arcades. Due to the cost and sizes of these machines, shooter arcades aren’t commonly used in homes.

This kind of machine is available in the 2-player and single-player option. Depending on which model you go with the price difference will be quite big. Shooter arcades are based on popular titles such as Halo, Jurassic Park, and even Terminator.

4. Multi-Game Arcades

This kind of gaming cabinet is very common with home users; however, it isn’t too popular in centers.

Multi-game arcades can have up to hundreds or even thousands of games built-in. As a result, this kind of machine is the best choice if you’re thinking of setting up a home game room. With this option, you can get all your favorite titles without having to get separate machines.

For models with a few hundred, expect to spend nothing less than $1000. However, if you choose a cabinet with over a thousand games, the cost can go over $2500.

Despite the different advantages of this option, there are some downsides you should keep in mind; for instance, if you want classic game collection, the price is really expensive. In addition to this, many multi-game machines will need Wi-Fi connection.

5. Pinball Arcade

You’ll find pinball machines in most amusement arcades and home game rooms. This classic is popular with almost everyone. You have the option of getting both modern and classic pinball machines.

These machines are available in various designs, themes and color schemes. They are also great for all ages. On the downside, pinball machines are quite heavy, and considering the fact that you are getting only one game, they are also expensive. Visit https://www.wikihow.com/ to learn how to play pinball.

6. Driving Games

Racing games are another favorite. The more common design is the 2-player option; this adds some competitive fun to your gaming. This option isn’t very common for home users because of the space which the machines take. In addition to this, driving arcades can get really expensive.

If you have a large home game room and are willing to spend the money, a driving arcade will be a great purchase.

7. Sports Arcade

The kinds of sports games available in arcade machines is limited. The most common options are soccer, boxing, bowling and basketball. This option is great for playing with groups.

You won’t find sports arcade in many game rooms because of how large they can get. In addition to this, it’s much harder to get your hands on sports arcade than other classic arcade machines.

8. Arcade Coffee Table

This kind of cabinet can include one or more games. They are quite small in size; as a result, you can fit them into almost any space. You won’t find this kind of machine in amusement arcades; however, they are a great option for break rooms and home game rooms. The downside to this option is that it can get a bit awkward to use.


Arcade machines are great to have in your home for entertainment. These machines are available in different prices and sizes. Not all games are for everyone; however, with the various options out there, you’ll definitely find one which suits you best.


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