6 House Plants College Students Can Decorate Their Dorm Rooms


As a college student, you need to get a plant to take care of. Tendering for a house plant allows you to take your mind off school work.

College can be quite stressful, and you might break due to the pressure if you don’t have healthy distractions.

Make sure you get your plants from trusted vendors so that they don’t die on you. You should go for plants that are easy to take care of so that you don’t have to worry about your plant dying.

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Here are 6 ideal house plants for college students.

1. Ponytail Palm

If you want to add a striking element to your dorm room, you should definitely go for the ponytail palm. Judging from its name, it’s gorgeous, and it will impact your whole room’s appearance.

This dramatic houseplant is very easy to care for. It is a low maintenance piece of beauty that comes with stunning features. It has that pom-pom feel, so if you’re a cheerleader, it will go well with your personality.

You need to find a bright spot because your plant cannot thrive without sunlight; if you have a sunny desk, the better.

Since they have low moisture needs, you need not worry about watering them every other day. Only water the plant if you notice the soil is dry.

This is the perfect house plant for you because it comes with a very unique appearance. It will make a bold, and everyone who comes to your room will notice it.

2. Money Tree

The money tree is another perfect house plant for college students. It is a piece of daring dorm décor. They resemble tropical Bosnia and are usually braided together for an interesting appearance.

They’re very easy to care for, and they grow best with indoor light. They require evenly moist soil, which means you’ll need to check on that each morning. Ensure that your room is well light, not dim, or too bright for optimum growth conditions.

The money tree will give your room a sophisticated and classy aura that you cannot achieve with any other house plant.

3. Succulents

Succulents are the dream houseplants for students who don’t spend a lot of time in their dorm rooms. You can create your own dessert escape with these beauties as their dryland plants.

They’re super easy to care for because they survive on very little water. The best part is that they come in an array of colors and textures.

These houseplants love bright light, so make sure you position them at your window or under your desk light. You can go for weeks before watering them, which means their chances of dying is very slim. Succulents are perfect because they add a unique sense of style to your room.

4. Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is a popular plant among houseplant lovers because of its bright green foliage. It has really sharp and straight features and a bamboo-like stem.

When you get one, ensure you place it at a corner with low light. You should get one because it will help you filter out harmful chemicals from the air.

Keep this plant out of direct sunlight as it does not do well with too much light. The leaves will get sunburns and it might die over time.

When it comes to watering the plant, ensure you do so every day because they thrive in moist soil. A water filled-vase is ideal because it will give your houseplant all the moisture it requires.

This houseplant is very resilient and versatile which means it can seamlessly blend with whatever style you have going on in your dorm room.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is good because it is a medicinal plant. This is an easy to maintain succulent that features long and narrow leaves.

Aloe vera plants can live for a very long time with little to no supervision. The houseplant requires bright light so you should preferably have it next to your window.

Even though you should not water the plant every day, make sure that the soil does not completely dry out.

6. Peace Lily

Lastly, we have the peace lily that comes with dark green leaves. It also has large white blooms that contribute greatly to its beauty. The peace lily is quite resilient and it can purify indoor air like the lucky bamboo.

When it comes to caring for this houseplant, you’ll need to expose it to medium to bring light. This means you should place it close to your window because it needs sunlight to thrive.


You can choose to have one or more of these houseplants to brighten your indoor space. Make sure you read on how to take care of your plant, so it does not wilt.


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