5 Ways That Even A Student Can Help Save The Earth


Despite all that is very wrong with the world today, one good thing is that most people – young and old, rich and poor – have become concerned about the environment.  We only have one planet to live on, so we must all do our share to help the Earth.

Here are 5 things any student (elementary to college) can do to help save the Earth. enjoy this list from biology homework helpers.

1. Reduce Plastic Bottle Usage

It’s a good thing that students know the importance of staying hydrated.  However, all those one-time-use bottles add up to the trash in the landfills and the waterways.

So instead of these, get your own reusable bottle and fill it up with water before and during school.  If every student did this, lots of plastic will not go to waste.  Plus, manufacturers will take notice and might rethink their production of these one-time-use products.

2. Try Healthier Methods Of Getting To School

In many urban and suburban areas, people have noticed that the air quality is getting worse. And if they can’t “see” that, they can definitely feel that temperatures have gotten hotter than before due to global warming.

One way to protect the air and slow down global warming is to either walk or bike to school.  This will reduce carbon emissions while giving students the needed exercise.  It also saves a great deal of money which can be used for other important things.

3. Save Energy Whenever You Can

In this age of technology, electricity is necessary to keep gadgets running.  But if a student is taking a break (whether at home or school), they need to turn things off like lights, electric fans, and the air-conditioner if they will be gone for an extended time.

Wasted energy hurts the environment.  Many power plants still use fossil fuels to produce electricity, which is why it is good to save energy to reduce the need to generate more.  Also, lower energy usage translates to bigger savings for the family.

4. Opt For Reusable Bags

When shopping, it is best to bring a reusable bag.  Oftentimes, single-use plastic bags end up on the streets or in the oceans.  It’s been said that they are the top killers in the seas as fish and turtles often swallow them, thinking the plastic is food.

Reusable bags are sturdier than plastic bags, making them handy to have with you.  They even come in nice designs which make them more fashionable to carry around.

5. Find Ways To Reuse

It’s understandable for students to be excited to have something new.  This is why back-to-school shopping often motivates students to return to school.  But knowing that the Earth is being destroyed should cause students to pause and think about how they can help.

A big way is to reuse.  A new backpack, pencil case, or set of crayons is not necessary if the old ones can still suffice.  But if “newness” is really an issue, find ways to redecorate those things so that they look different. Or if possible, trade with a friend so that both of you have something “new” at the start of the year.


Saving the environment requires everyone to pitch in.  If you are a student, please do consider these five ways to help.

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