5 Tips to Use Dry Herb Vaporizer for Cannabis


Do you want to use cannabis for its health benefits? Vaporizers are available to use this beneficial herb. For medical and recreational use, you can buy special pens that take dry herbs. Remember, vaporizing can change the way of using marijuana.

It is a reliable and powerful way to use this herb without the health risks of smoke. Vaporizers are becoming an essential item for regular users.

The advancement of technology is making it affordable and portable than before. If you are new to this game, here are some tips to vape dry herbs.

#1. Fresh Herbs

If you want the best results, make sure to choose the fresh herb. It doesn’t mean to get freshly harvested herb, but avoid stale, dried out or old herb. Remember, fresh herbs are necessary for vaping because vaporizing process depends on moisture.

The process will create vapors to inhale like smoke. For this reason, use the fresh herb with a higher concentration of moisture. Avoid loading too dry or wet herbs in a chamber. Touch the bud to check its moisture content. Your weed must not be moist or wet to touch. Moreover, if you can crush it with your fingers to make a fine powder, avoid this weed.

#2. Perfect Grind

After determining that weed is suitable for vaping, you have to grind it. Grinding herbs may increase their surface area so that the heat can penetrate the matter of plant. As a result, you will get tasty, thick, and strong vapors. To vape dry herbs, make sure to get a medium, even and nice grind. Feel free to use an electric or manual herb grinder.

#3. Check Temperature

Temperature is an essential consideration for vaping. Make sure to set the right temperature for every session. Try to set the temperature between 356 °F and 410 °F. Feel free to do experiments to find an ideal setting. Temperature settings can be different in cannabinoids vaporizers.

Temperature can change the effects of vaping, such as lower temperature, will not affect your senses. You will remain functional and clear-headed. On the other hand, higher temperature produces intense relaxation and euphoria.

#4. Tight Packing

If you are smoking from a pipe or bong, tightly pack a vape chamber. Packing of a vape chamber can affect your overall experience. Try to pack your chamber with enough herbs to generate an impressive amount of vapors.

Remember, over-packing a chamber can ruin your vaping experience, so avoid it. Over-packing may affect the vapor flow from the chamber to a mouthpiece. It can damage the inside content of vape.

#5. Reheat a Vape

Vaporizers act as ovens; therefore, they need time to get an appropriate temperature. Weed can stick in a cool vape; therefore, let it heat for some time. Numerous portable and modern vaporizers may take a few seconds to preheat, so these will be ready to use.

If you are using an older model, it may take longer to get the desired temperature. Inhale vapes lightly and slowly. You must not take hard, long puffs initially because you can suck up some weed from the chamber.


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