August Goals and Monthly Link-Up!

So, kind of I forgot that I was supposed to write this post for today, and then I fell off my bed this morning and had to go to the chiropractor.

It’s a long story that is surprisingly not that interesting, so I’ll just say that my back and neck are fine, but I managed to mess up some of my ribs and now it hurts to move.
Which is really not the greatest timing because I have a Very Important Meeting tomorrow and walking in like a little old lady isn’t going to be very good for me.
Oh well. That’s what I get for doing stupid things like trying to play with the dog.
Anyway, so now I’m supposed to tell you how I totally rocked my July goals and August is off to an awesome start, too.
Except, well…

July Goals

♪ Finish four things on my Summer Bucket List
♪ Clean out the linen closet and get rid of old stuff
♪ Wash and vacuum the car
♪ Clean bedroom windows and sills
♪ Start watching The Killing on Netflix
♪ Find 3 new sponsors for The Blog
I didn’t do any of them in July. A big, fat, giant ZERO.
I suck.
Except I don’t really care because I was busy and working crazy hours and stuff.
Maybe I should care more about the fact that I don’t care. Hmm…Something to talk to my therapist about next week, I guess.
Part of me wonders if I should even bother with goals for August. But I have a commitment to myself and so I’m going to give it a big, honest try this month.

August Goals
☺Finish my manuscript!
☺Start editing my manuscript!
☺Finish 5 books.
☺Apply for three freelance writing opportunities.
☺Visit the Lake Ward.
☺Get bank accounts sorted out.

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  • Maria

    I'm amazed that you even have goals. I have nada. Ever. Except to put one foot in front of the other….

  • Bethany

    Sorry you fell! I hope you're starting to feel better now.. And, you will rock your august goals!

  • Beth W

    Hey, they're goals but they aren't life ultamatums….I think it's fine that you don't give a crap about them. You've been busy! So sorry to hear about the ribs, though….that sucks! Are they bruised? That takes sooooo long to heal. :(
    I hope it's just going to end up a really good excuse to get massages all the time, and not something that makes, say, breathing hurt.

  • Carole Anne Carr

    Good luck with all your goals, Karen, hope you feel better soon.

  • Aubrey S.

    I hope you feel better soon and rock your meeting tomorrow. Good luck with all the writing goals!

  • Christine Bewley

    I failed my Summer bucket list. Miserably. I seriously think that this Summer was stolen. Father Time came in and stealthy took a couple of hours everyday without us even realizing it! At this point (with my other goals), I'm just hoping I can read all 25 books. :/

  • Cathy Olliffe-Webster

    You know, I might just do this. I need some goals…. even if they resemble your July ones! :)

  • My Meddling Mind

    Hi Karen, hope you're okay. You did well for July. Great goals for August, go get'em!


  • My Meddling Mind

    Hi Karen, sorry about the fall. You did well for July. Great goals for August, go get'em!


  • Alex J. Cavanaugh

    Sorry you hurt yourself this morning!
    Just call July's goals your mulligan.